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Legal Title. 1 acre mountain property with 2 basic chalets + potential

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post-15523-0-89629000-1439925595_thumb.jpgpost-15523-0-80929600-1439925621_thumb.jpgpost-15523-0-97313900-1439925707_thumb.jpg[sorry ... no exchange.] Please contact me for more photos.

$76,000 negotiable (no silly offers… thanks)

Also for free, my car is 1992 Geo Tracker 4x4 Manual. [Had used for about 2 years.] The engine is very good. It was regularly maintained by a mechanic. About 2-3 new pistons were installed and other things. The local mechanic knows that it is a very good car and he has asked a few times to buy it but I prefer to give it away with the property. If you have a new RTV it would be worth about $4,000.

Also, for free, very good (wood wrapped, sealed and safe) box trailer (you need new tires if you want to tow it). Previously it was used for transportation of DJ equipment.

Located in Trojas that is above the famous artisan town of Sarchi (between Grecia and Naranjo).

The Title is legal and the whole property is sold as one.

You can buy the property from my Corporation (I'm the sole Director and Owner which means there aren't any other interested parties) or you can buy the Corporation (same price) with the property. Corporation Tax is paid and up to date !!

Approximately 42,000 ft2 (almost an acre) of land with 2 cozy chalets. Both are supplied with water and each has its own line of electricity. Also includes telephone line. Sky is an option and is available.

Ideal to live in one and rent the other. Great to develop more to your liking and standards.

One chalet is 550 ft2 with an external porch.
Other chalet is 463 ft2 with an external porch.

Each chalet has 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, living room, kitchen, utility room / patio.

New electrical box and both meters about 4 years old. Walkways 4-6 concrete sector for many cars. The majority of the wonderful sights in Costa Rica!

Quiet area, where coffee plantations and tomato are grown.

Road is paved all the way and maintained at least once a year by the Municapilty.

10 minutes drive from the city (Sarchi). Bus every half hour about 5-10 minutes walk away and a local shop.

Property tax is less than $50 per year including trash collection. It has been paid in full for 2015-16!

The chalets are on a good sized flat land then rest of the property slopes down to the rear. There are several trees, some cactus / aloe, strawberries and avocado plants. Comfortable temperatures, depending on the season, 17-25 degrees. Fresh and clean air!

There is an old barn on the land and a small flat area below the farm (maybe build another BBQ area or a cabin?).

On the back of one of the houses it is a concrete seating area concrete sector, ideal for barbecues, peace and enjoy the breathtaking views. This is a very good price for this area of Trojas and Sarchi. The price is even better because it has 2 homes with nearly one acre of land and very wonderful views!

It's really beautiful and a great price for the area and amazing price for 2 homes on this nearly 1 acre of land with one of the best views in Costa Rica. If you want a larger property which has top notch everything then this isn't for you. You've nothing to lose with this property. . . only much to gain.

All the floors and walls (except one bathroom and patio areas) aren't tiled which gives the new owner choice of tiling or not.

The ceilings have been recently renovated with new laurel and the loft areas can be accessed if doors are made. Also there are 2 new roofs on the two patio areas.

The chalets are semi-furnished with 2 sofas, 2 chairs of bar, refrigerator, microwave, gas stove, etc, plus spare paint They will be left. There is a work washing machine and dryer (do not know if the dryer works), plus 210V cabling and socket.

The town of Sarchi is one of the safest in Costa Rica and is well known for artisans and manufacturers of quality furniture. See information about Sarchi Internet.

San Jose International Airport to Trojas only 40-45 minutes. The western coast (Pacific) is perhaps 1.5 hours.

There is a natural reforestation project, on top of the mountain and a couple of waterfalls. There is little traffic.

The price is excellent but I can negotiate a little.

I have owned the property since 2009.

Neighbors are friendly and helpful.

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