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ARCR Request for Updated CAJA Info

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DanaJ    0

Hi, we received a request for updated CAJA info, and we have been trying to email it for awhile, but every time we get it returned with a message that says the 'Mailbox qouta is full".


Please let Alajandro know this, and post here when this issue is resolved so we can send the requested info.


Thanks, Dana



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Epicatt2    0

Hello Dana,


Which email address are you using?


Keep in mind that ARCR's offices have just moved into their new building and they just got opened back up on Monday after a week's closure. They are still getting settled in and getting things organized.


I spoke to someone in Member Services Friday and he said that there are still boxes stacked around but that it was not nearly so bad as it was on Monday last!


My suggestion to you is to phone Member Services when they are open next and ask if there is a fax number that's working. I'm sure that with a week's closure there are still major masses of emails waiting to be read.




Paul M.


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