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RENTAL real estate in 2015

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I am currently renting a two bd rm one ba condo in Santa Ana. nice place but pricy. $1,000 per mo. in dollars. on 2nd piso. But great security, nice pool, AC in sala, not in bd rm.s parking for two. This may be a pipe dream now but I want to find a condo or house on outskirts of central valley, w/ good security, AC in sala & bd. rooms, parking for at least one car if not two. pool would be nice but not required. and must accept a dog. every post i have read says one has to drive around areas they want to live, look for signs and stop and ask. well that is nice but this is a big area. I am "learning" spanish, but the hard part is understanding the answers one gets to my questions. it is hard to distinguish one word out of an answer much less actually understand it. sooo. I am wondering if there are gringos out there with properties that meet the above description who would like to rent a property to me. 63 yr old, responsible, honest and quiet lifestyle. thanks. sporto.


ps. barring this dream, does anyone have recommendation based on THEIR experience where I should start looking? ( I started out in San Pedro but the traffic drove me away after one month. )

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Just how far is the "outskirts of the Central Valley" in your mind? Is San Ramon too far, for instance?


As for riding around and looking -- well, yes, this is the best way to find a place -- or -- asking around. First, you need to find the places that suit you. Then, get a Costa Rican friend to go with you -- buy him/her lunch!


Obvious, if you rent from the internet or probably from another gringo, you will pay more for the convenience of doing everything in English.

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Hola sporto, and welcome to the Forums.


You have goten some good, general advice so far. Word-of-mouth is one way to go about fining a place. Spending some time first in various places/areas that you think you will like is part of the way of making a choice although it may require moving around several times to check areas out. Once you have found an area that you like then you can rent somewhere that is temporarily suitable and continue to 'settle into the area'. Once you are more certain that a particular area is for you is when to start looking in earnest for a more permanent place there to rent.


Now, that said . . .


If you would like a cooler area you might check out Cartago the old capital of CR. It is at a slightly higher elevation than SJ and so is a little cooler. and perhaps a little less rainy. And you shouldn't need a/c in Cartago.


It's a fairly large city surrounded by farming areas. One of the primary crops around the Cartago area is papas (potatoes) and folks from Cartago have the nickname of 'paperos'.


The famous Basílica de La Negrita (in which the icon of CR's patron saint resides) is in the east end of town and further east a few kilometers east of town is the Jardín Botánico Lankester, a wonderful, famous botanical garden with lots of orchids. There is also Volcán Irazú, a popular tourist destination to the NNW of the town.


Except for those three attractions Cartago is not really all that tourist-oriented although there is an annual pilgrimage to the Basílica by many thousands of Ticos in (I think) August. But that lasts only about three to four days.


Cartago has a very nice Mercado Central (central market) and it and the town offer most all of the things you will need to stock your pantry and to maintain a rental house or apartment, plus it will be cheaper to rent there than in many places in SJ and the Central Valley. There is also a huge shopping mall with cinemas (TerraMall) west of Cartago on the road back to SJ.


Cartago is about 45 minutes east of SJ and there is good and frequent bus service between Cartago and SJ.



Paul M.


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