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Yes, our guy knows the back roads from S.T., so he made it here for our meeting this morning. And right after the meeting we ran into 3 people who drove here from Colorado. They had hoped to head back to San Jose today but, of course, can't. A local business owner showed us a picture of a big pile of dirt with branches on top on the road leading to Paquera. The latest rumor is this protest is supposed to go on for 2 more days. We were also told that 2 years ago the court ordered the road to Mal Pais/St. Teresa be paved.

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Uh... where are you seaturtlewoman -- I'm all confused.


Well, anyone wanting/needing to return to San Jose today can certainly do so! Drive north from Paquera to Playa Naranjo and take the ferry from there to Puntarenas. Or... just drive past Playa Naranjo towards Nicoya and on to Limonal. Yes, that's the long way around, but if they are that desperate to get to San Jose, they can do it. Or maybe they have gotten the Costa Rican spirit and are now all.... "manana is good enough for me."


Well, of course, there are lots of ways to get around the Nicoya Peninsula and lots of "back roads."

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Does anyone know whether La Nación is blocking all issues or do they become free after a certain span of time has elspsed (days?, weeks?) and then can we access those older issues of La N without a subscription?


Not suer about the 15 issues free per month thingy and I haven't had time to snoop this out for myself.




Paul M.




It's 15 free articles from the website, not 15 free issues of La Nación. Issues of La Nación have not been free online for a couple of years. The website, however, has been. It only required a free account. Now the free accounts are entitled to read only 15 articles each month unless they subscribe for 3.000 colones a month.

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Eleanor, I'm on the peninsula. I was told that the Naranjo ferry is working but that the road to it is also blocked. I haven't been able to verify that. Yes, you can indeed get to San Jose by going the long way 'round. I just thought it would be nice for people to know that the road to Paquera is blocked. Some, like me, don't know the back roads and don't have a GPS. I can look at my map as I have done in the past and hope for the best. But I don't have to go to San Jose this week, so I don't have to figure out the long way 'round. At least, not yet! Maybe I should start thinking about that though!! But the other thing is the trucks with supplies that use the ferry can't make it to the stores here. As of yesterday the grocery stores were emptying out (according to one friend), and the lines at the gas stations were long (according to another friend.) And we were without power for over 24 hours. So things compound. Anyway, when we go to Cobano tomorrow I'll see what the situation there is like in the stores. The bottom line is some people are going to be inconvenienced by all this, but it's not the end of the world, right? And maybe, just maybe, that awful road will end up getting paved. Pura vida!

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To continue to read la Nacion after your free articles download a cleaner like CCcleaner and wipe out your cookies. You will lose recent sites you visited in memory and have to type those back in but you then are starting again at zero. Does not affect bookmarks. Works for all the newspaper sites I visit like NYT.com etc. This also gets rid of some other crap out of your browser.

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