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Interested in building a pre-fab home

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My husband and I are considering building a two-story home of about 180 square meters. We met with an architect and we felt he would be charging more than what we can afford. We have the lot (about 580 sq. meters) and we are now considering building a prefab home instead. We have started our research and will be meeting with one company this week and the other next week. What experience or knowledge might you have about these two companies: Concremax and Concrepal If not, any other information about prefab construction here in Costa Rica. Any and all advice or information will be appreciated. Thank you!


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These prefabs have only wall's that are only 2 1/2 inches thick. I would not recommend a two-storey house. I found out recently that a friends neighbor has one, and when were in it and walking in the hallway separates the kitchen, you can feel the heat from the fridge through the wall. Also, check where and how many electrical wall outlets they will permit you to put in.

I have seen some that look 'OK', but my advice is to stick to building with cement blocks.

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try with typical wall blocks or Covintec or drywalls (durock or densglass).

Prefab walls are thin and do not allow heat insulation.

This prefab walls are ok for fences or storage.

I would recommend another system, specially in this tropical weather.

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Thanks costaricafinca for those links.

I've met Trevor. I was informed of his past failure.

We met and discussed MGO construction and mini houses.

He is still building houses in Costa Rica.

His work can be verified.

He's still building and I was going to have him build something for us. The guy was totally non-communicative and hard to deal with.I certainly cannot recommend him.

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