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Just for fun - or - to provoke conversation - or - to express one's views.


Back on March 28 (Thread: what to show coming into CR - post #14) I relayed a RUMOR I came across on a Panama Blog - "Homeland Security to require passports for domestic air travel". Since then a friend in the U.S. sent me a link to an article on Safehaven.com of which I have listed the highlights of below.


TSA Demands Internal Passport for Domestic Travel

By: Wendy McElroy l Tuesday, February 10, 2015


"Precedents exist for requiring citizens to produce special ID for domestic travel; they include Nazi Germany, apartheid South Africa and Russia (both Imperial and Soviet)."


"Over the Christmas season the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) quietly announced that America was walking down that path. By 2016, all domestic air travel will require either a traditional passport or a federally-compliant ID card called "Real ID". State driver's licenses will no longer---access to domestic flights"


"Under the Real ID act of 2005, state driver's licenses and other ID needed to conform to federal standards. The IDs were to be used for "official purposes" as were defined by the Department of Homeland Security."


"Then, the data must be linked to every other state's motor vehicle databases. The networking would permit an easy data-merge with federal databases such as the FBI's Next Generation Identification system"


"Some states - for example, Idaho, Hawaii, New Hampshire, and Maine - flatly refused to comply."


"But the main hope of delaying Real ID is a confrontation between the federal and state governments.

In 2012, the governor of Montana declared,


"Montana will not agree to share it's citizens' personal and private information through a national database, nor bear the exorbitant cost of building such a database.

Furthermore, the Act tramples on our state's right to determine our own licensing procedures and protocols, and would interfere with our state's work to improve drivers' license security. Montana is in no mood at all for another heavy-handed play by the federal government, such as what transpired in 2008 when the homeland security director threatened to prevent Montanans from boarding an airplane unless we complied with the REAL ID act. We refused, and will refuse again."


"FATCA and related global measures gave the feds access to every cent that any American possessed in the world. Now REAL ID wants to ensure that no American can avoid federal detection within domestic borders."


Full article can be seen at www.safehaven.com

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Now I am really confused. Why would you ever want to get a Costa Rican cédula? It is a national ID which you are required to carry and to present to any official on demand. Your cédula number is public information and is tied to all of your official transactions with Registro Nacional, Migración, the TSE, etc. In addition to your name, birthdate and picture, your cédula will also include a digitally encoded version of your fingerprints and signature. It is now clear to me that Costa Rica must be exactly like Germany in the mid 30's and South Africa from 1952-1992 because it has a national ID card. OMG. I'm packing as I write this...


The excerpts are drivel designed to inspire fear.

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Mr. induna (post #2)

"The excerpt are drivel designed to inspire fear"


I guess that is in the eye of the beholder. Others may consider it to be informative. Of course I did include a link to the full article if you chose to review it.

When I posted in March, the response was "that would never happen in the United Sates, the people would never stand for it". Well you can lead the sheep to water, but you can not always force them to eat spinach.

And yes, I am required to accept Costa Rica's rules, procedures and NATIONAL ID CARD should I ever be accepted as a resident, but that is a choice that is mine. As a American Citizen now and until death, I will always object to the U.S. FEDERAL GOVENRMENT (politicians) violating the UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION.

How many Americans ever heard of this Act and its' been the law since 2005. Like I say, you can not always make the sheep eat broccoli.

I'll let you gat back to your packing. If you find a FREE country, please share.

Have a magical day in paradise



ps: as the opening line of this thread says:

Just for fun - to provoke conversation - express one's views

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induna post #2 "The excepts are drivel designed to inspire fear"


"drivel" REALLY !!! This sent me to my Funk& Wagnall, 1) to let saliva flow from one's mouth; drool; slobber. 2) to speak in a silly or stupid manner.


1) Although I am approaching that age, as of yet I have not started to "drool"

2) I can not believe you would infer "speak in a silly or stupid manner" where as: a) It would be a violation of the Forum Rules, #2 - "Not tolerate abuse of any other member, their opinions, etc:" B) Where as I did not (speak) offer comment and or opinion, but only reprinted highlights of an article I thought informative to other Forum Members.


As for your comment "Costa Rica must be just like Germany -------and South Africa -----because it has a National ID Card". I am curious, how long has CR had this national ID Card ? Always ? Since the last trade agreement ? Since FATCA ? Where did they get the technology for this card ? So far, even the United States has not been able to implement this technology.


I do have a political comment of my own, which I am sure you would like me to share with you.

I can not buy liquor without an ID. I can not cash a check without an ID. I can not open a bank account without a ID. I can not get a license without a ID. Soon I will not be allowed to board a plane in the U.S. without a Federal ID. BUT I CAN VOTE FOR THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES - NO ID REQUIRED.

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Gentle Forums Members,


The answer to this argument is to not snipe at one another here on the Forums, so let us please ensure that this thread does not descend any further towards name calling or become anythng less than a polite exchange. Uncivil exchanges only prove off-putting to a significant segment of the Forums membership. Members of course are welcome to pursue any argument with one another -heated or otherwise- off-list, via the PM function.


A better action in response to this proposed Federal ID card would be for concerned US citizens opposed to it to write their elected representatives in Washington D.C and insist that they oppose it. Our elected officials in Washington do listen to letters they receive. If a letter is too much trouble for you to write, then telephone them. They maintain logs of incoming calls and that input is saved and also factors in to their decisions.




Paul M.

Forums Moderator


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Gentle Forums Moderator - post # 6


I would like to suggest people who have interest and/or concern in this matter, contact their state governors. These are the people who appear to be the last line of defense, who have already refused implementation. Congress has tried twice in the past to repeal this ten (10) year old LAW without success.


You are a veteran of many years CR Residency. Do you know how long CR has had the "smart" ID Card? (post #5 above)


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You are a veteran of many years CR Residency. Do you know how long CR has had the "smart" ID Card? (post #5 above)


Hello Ron,


This is not the aspect of this thread that I was responding to.


Please do not change the subject away from the point I was addressing.


¡Pura Vida!


Paul M.



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Remove this if you will, but I just want to make two statements to clarify my comments.




First of all, I said that the excerpts from the article were 'drivel', not that what you wrote was drivel. If I insulted anyone, it was the author of the article, not you. You solicited comments on the article, and I provided mine.


Second, I think it is pretty obvious that my comparison of Costa Rica to pre-WWII Germany and South Africa was decidedly tongue in cheek. It is my recollection that the DIMEX cards now issued by Migración were introduced around 2010. Cédulas de identidad, issued to citizens, do not currently use the same technology.

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