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Walking sneakers (tennis)

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Hello, I'm not into running but do like to walk and I'm looking for a good pair of women's sneakers or tennis. I know there are many shoes stores here but I can't decide on what to buy....brand names????.......and what store should I go to. I have bought some in the past and they were a waste of money. I remember buying reebok years ago and I liked them but can't find them anymore. Anyone have any ideas????


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FWIW I don't jog, but back when I used to visit/stay in San José off & on over a span of several decades, I walked everywhere and I wore a lot of different types of shoes bought in the US and with many of them I discovered that I had to be very careful walking around because between the composition of the soles and the composistion of the city sidewalks –which changed, often in front of each new property one walked past, it was not uncommon to encounter a slick patch.


And because of that the sidewalk, as you passed along, might be made of concrete then tile, then brick, then ceramic or terrazzo, etc. in an ever-changing sequence. And also if it was rainy or had recently finsihed, one or the other of those surfaces might prove to be very slickery when wearing my US-bought shoes. I learned to be very cautious after I slipped & fell a few times! And that didn't take into consideration the odd discarded mango skin along the way which might as well have been a banana peel!


I eventually found that most of the footwear sold in & for CR & Central America market have soles that seem to take all those slippery surfaces into account and therefore afford very much better traction, as compared to my US-bought shoes.


Just thought I'd pass that along to consider.




Paul M.


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I have a pair of Hi Tek walking shoes. They are sort of a low cut, light weight hiking boot with an aggressive sole. They are the worst shoes in CR when it rains! The soles seem to slip on every surface.


I also have a pair of Sketchers made for walking which are great! They are very comfy and provide much more stability, whatever the weather.

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