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Atenas Chili Cookoff Reminder

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Just a reminder - Atenas Chili Cook-off this Sunday 2/8/15

New Location




Last year it was reported they raised $30,000+ for the local Orphanage.

My husband and I are hoping to get there tomorrow. It sounds like a good time. We were there one other year and some of those chilies are really hot, but tasty.

Missy...of Worcester Ma

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I don't know whether Norman and his crew from Jalapeños participated this year. Have you heard that he's getting ready to open a new eatery, a Colombian place, with arepas and other Locombian food!


Looking forward to trying it out. It's not open yet -no date set- but soon. When I asked when he said he's taking his time.




Paul M.


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It was a successful turnout. It will be a few days before the totals are in (attendance & money), but quite a difference from the original started by "TOM & KAY COSTELLO" at their small restaurant in Atenas . There were only 6 participants in the cook-off that year. This year saw 21 competing for "BEST CHILI IN COSTA RICA". What had been a "Gringo's festival in the park" was expanded this year to be more "all inclusive", Ticos and Gringos. The hours were also expanded this year with a concert lasting until 10:00 pm (way beyond my bed time). I would recommend you check their web site for pics. www.atenaschilifiesta.com .



Epicatt2 Paul M

Norman was in attendance but not a contestant in the Chili Cook-off this year. I'm sure he will be glad to show you his previous trophies next time you visit Jalapenos.


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