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Hi everyone,


This is not about the national power company, ICE, but about something entirely different.


Someone on a local forum here in San Ramon mentioned that friends and neighbors in CR might not have emergency contact information that might be needed for family members elsewhere, or know what to do for pets or plants, etc, until family or friends can arrive on the scene from the other country.


I thought it was a splendid idea (as did my spouse), and here's the information that I put on a simple spreadsheet and sent to our neighbors here and our kids in the US:


contact info for our neighbors: phone including area code and email addresses

contact info for our kids: same info as above


My name, passport number and cedula number, along with my cell phone #

Same info for spouse


info about our pets: feeding instructions, etc, along with veterinarian info


We have plants in the house and in pots outside, but, frankly, in the scheme of things, only our pets matter to us.


And, of course, I made sure our neighbors were willing to serve as emergency contacts until our kids could arrive.


If you think this might be useful/helpful, adapt it as you wish, and may it never be needed!




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I've done the same thing. My Tica GF and my landlady have my info on the CR side. My best friend in Seattle and my former sister-in-law have my info on the US side. If there is ever an issue at either end (CR or US) they have my contact info as well as that for all of the other people on the list.


So far it has not been needed but you never know when it will.

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And on a related subject, another thing you might think about is your passwords for the computer. I do all the bill paying, banking, etc., and my husband has no idea what my passwords are. He would be hard pressed to get into any of the sites I use. That's why I wrote them all down, and at least he knows where the list is. I haven't had the nerve yet to store them in one of those safe web sites 'cause I'm not sure I trust them. So that brings me to the question of: Do any of you use such a system?

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Mine are all in an Excel file which is placed in a secure encrypted storage folder, called FileVault, on my Mac. That way only the password for the FileVault will give acess to the Excel file with all the other passwords and sensitive info contained therein. If the FileVault password is lost then it is impossible to retrieve the encrypted contents of the FileVault.


I keep the FileVault password in a safe place that's not on any of the electronics that I own.


There is a Keycahin on my Mac in which one may save passwords and which will auto-fill them as needed, but while that makes for a convenient arrangement and is relatively secure, it is nowhere near so secure as the FileVault is.


Still I can see the value of physically sharing the important info with trusted friends or with family members. Or at least the FileVault password.


Just FWIW . . .


Paul M.


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I keep my emergency contact numbers on an index card in my little "box" next to my computer. I don't know why you would have to encrypt and hide your emergency contact numbers -- I would think you would rather have them more accessible.


A couple of years ago, an Australian friend who is married to a local Costa Rican, and I exchanged contact information. On an index card.


And yes, I do have a list of passwords, bank accounts, etc and I keep that on a piece of paper in the same box by my computer. I don't have hordes of people coming in and out of my house so I don't worry about it. If I have a situation such as someone who is housesitting, I just take the piece of paper with all that information and put it in my underwear drawer.

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I have tico friend ,my tico caretaker/security & a Holland friend/neighbor who is permeant resident that all have the info for who to contact if i can't speak for myself. They have family phone numbers,my medical CAJA number,passport #,cedilla number,little medical history that is important like rare blood type & allergies,etc. They also have key to get in in an emergency. I have had this set up since living here for 4 1/2 years. My family in turn has their info & knows who they are in case they call.

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SEATURTLEWOMAN I would not normally store mine on a cloud but I do use Norton 360 as my firewall and virus protection. I use Norton Identity Safe to store my passwords and also have an excel spreadsheet password protected on my computer, laptop, and my backup drive. I also have a hard copy in my safe.

Cheers .... Terry

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