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Buying vs Building and and tanking Canadian Dollar

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Do not get discouraged, with through search of a lot for 40-50k and construction of 100sq m house at average for Central Valley

$800 us for sq meter, you will be having your own house ( North Americam standards)for total of 130-140k

We build here with good English speaking Architect an Engineer, so their workmanship before signing "under key"contract...

Make sure you found flat build able lot, preferably in gated community with pool, rancho...

Do topographic study of the lot before buying it, so you know you can build without retaining walls and other extras...

It is all doable with serious approach, right people and your OWN SUPERVISION.

We love our place, we would never waste money on renting and being "gypsy" for a long term.

By the way at takes 7-8 month to build, and you only have to pay by phases, so may be Canadian dollar will get up by then...

Best regards...

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Make that two Savannahjo, we purchased our property five years ago and just finished building in September of last year. We also do not have "so much money it really doesn't matter if you get stuck with your purchase." but are not of the opinion that we are stuck with it any moreso than we were with our house in Canada. Again just another forum member's opinion.....

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We absolutely loved the compact, open plan house that we 'created ' out of a very dilapidated Tico wooden house with a cement 'lower level' on 18 acre producing coffee farm. We removed the top floor and replaced it with a steel structure with lots of glass, two huge balconies with a bridge to connect them, with the second deck over a double garage, and refinished the lower floor that once had chicken wire at the windows...


We only had a problem, when it took three years to sell...and although hundreds of 'very interested people, no-one had any money and wanting financing, until it was purchased by 'someone', an advisor, in Bill Clintons office, who recently re-sold it, to return to Arkansas, as the now guesthouse along with a larger house they built, for $700K, after it took them, another 3 years to sell.


Location, location, location...please choose wisely.

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