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ARCR customer service for legal appointments

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sporto505    0

I need an appointment w/ legal at ARCR to start residency. I started by calling. twice. I was told I had to talk to Carla. Then I was told I did not have to talk to Carla, just send an email requesting a legal appointment. So I have now sent two emails to legal@arcr.com and cannot get a response. I for sure have heard all about tico time, but did not realize is began with customer service at arcr. Would someone please give me some suggestions ? I even requested an personal appointment at their office. but of course was told this was not how it was done and to send an email to legal. how do you spell frustration? this is like dealing w/ amazon.com customer service


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Epicatt2    0

This should not be happening. I do recommend calling VS emailsing though, but if you continue to get a runaround do please call back and ask to speak to the manager, Ryan Piercy.


Fair warning though... Ryan is often busy and you may need to call back. (Even I often have to call more than once to reach Ryan!) Try phoning (Skyping) him right after the office opens in the a.m. for a better cchance of contactinhg him. There is a much better chance of reaching him then.


(And BTW, if you're still in the US and are not already using Skype to call CR please consider downloading it. It's mega-cheap to call CR from the US and will cost about 6.4-centsUS per minute.)


OK — Hope this helps.


Paul M.

Forums Moderator


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