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Received the wrong CAJA Orden Patronal - attn James William Freeman

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stfree    0

I am trying to contact ARCR member Mr. James William Freeman. Can anyone help? I don't see a listing for the forums.


I have his CAJA Orden Patronal for Jan 2015, which was mailed in error to me by ARCR shortly before their office closed for the year-end holiday.


Of course, it arrived after I could make contact with them to sort out the error.


I am asking in the hope that he has mine and that we can meet to swap.


My name is Walter Freeman @ 22660122


Edit: From past experience, I know that ARCR cannot reissue a lost or missent Orden Patronal. Unless they are holding mine for pickup at the ARCR office (which would also be another error and one that has also happened), I will have to physically go to the main CAJA office in downtown San Jose for them to issue a duplicate. And that is a trip that I'd very much like to avoid. This time of year is one which is rife with errors. Pura Vida.

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Epicatt2    0

Hello stfree,


I checked the roster and am unable to confirm a member with this name so, If none of our Forums members know this gentleman prsonally then the best thing for you to do is to just wait 'til next Monday, the 5th, when you can phone ARCR's offices again. I'm sure they can iron everything out in short order.




Paul M.

Forums Moderator


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