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Quick Update from Up North! With Pictures!

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Well maybe not that far north!


Things have been going great for my esposo and I here in the USA! He had a slightly difficult transition period but now he has a job he loves. He was almost shocked that he got off three whole days for Christmas and two days for New Years! Haha! He's used to working overtime on the holidays so he's loving his time off. It's also been a little difficult being away because someone in his family is having serious health issues. Luckily, he'll be traveling to Mexico for his job in the next month so we hope he'll have time to pop over to CR to visit with his family for a few days.


The cold hasn't been too much of an issue. We are in North Carolina so it doesn't get too cold. We did have a slight flurry of snow the other week which was nice. But this was after my esposo spent four days in Wisconsin where it was snowing like crazy! Now he doesn't complain about NC cold! hehe


Financially we're doing great. In just these five months we've been in the USA we've been able to save almost double what we were able to save three years in Costa Rica. And we certainly haven't cut back on the drinking!


We both miss CR for lots of reasons and love being in the USA for lots of reasons. We were streaming the Toros the other night and it made me really home[?]sick for CR. We watched the part where they had the moving stage with the band in the ring with two bulls. It was so damn funny and so damn tico. We're really excited about getting rich and then moving back to CR to retire in paradise. B)


Here's some pictures!




Me and some friends at our friend's wedding in India! We had a freaking blast!




We got to see the Taj Mahal!!




Perlita getting used to the climate change as well.




We went to Fiesta de la Paz here in NC. This was a fashion show. Very few ticos were actually there, mostly other Latin American countries.




State Fair goodies!




Enjoying a cozy fire with my puppy. :)


I hope everyone is doing well!!!

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