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ARCR Card NOT accepted (for discount) at national parks anymore!

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Hello all.....hope the end of year has been and will continue to be amazing for everyone!


My wife and I were a bit surprised that at 2 National Parks last week our ARCR card was not accepted for a discounted rate into the park as it has been since we joined in 2009. Lots of value with ARCR - getting the local CR rate was one of them! Not sure if anyone else has had this happen to them? Cheers to 2015!!

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I visited the ARCR Members' Discount page and there is no mention of National Park entrance fees (or at a reduced rate) anywhere on there. If Park entrances had previously been one of the perks, I suspect that the program got revised and that perk was eliminated. Your best bet for finding out 'what gives with this' may be to contact the ARCR Offices after they open again on the 5th and speak to someone member services.


Meanwhile the two suggestions you received above may be your best bet currently: Show your residency cédula and perhaps get an entry fee at nacionales' prices and if the birthdate on the cédula shows that the cédula-carrier is 65+ yoa, that might even get you in for free in lieu of a Ciudadano de Oro card. (That works OK on many of the buses.)




Paul M.


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"....Show your residency cédula and perhaps get an entry fee at nacionales' prices..."


No "perhaps" about it. Show your residency cedula and get the same price as nacionales. Period.


Edit: On second thought, maybe "perhaps" because as we all know -- nothing in Costa Rica is guaranteed! :D

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And for those still in process, sometimes if you show your comprobante requistos expediente, the staffer will let you in for a reduced price. Worked for us at the old location at the Museo de Jade, and we didn't get the nacional rate, but the even lower ciudadano de oro rate at InBIO, without having to show anything. In both cases, we hadn't received our cedulas yet.


If you ask nicely (especially if you ask in Spanish), you may get a lower rate. It never hurts to ask!




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