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I for one thought it was a lively discussion with both sides presenting very viable arguments and points of view. We can always agree to disagree without taking it to a personal disagreement. I can and do respect each person's point of contention.


Two items mentioned in this thread but not discussed (Pledge of Allegiance & School Prayer) I do have a brief comment on.

1) School Prayer : The U.S. Constitution is very definitive with respect to Separation of Church and State. It is not a document to be bent a little for one's convince and or beliefs. People always have options of their convictions: a) say a family prayer together before school. B) Teach your child to take a moment in school to bow his head and recite a prayer in silence.

2) Pledge of Allegiance: Originally written in 1892 by Francis Bellamy, adopted by Congress in 1942, It never contained the words "UNDER GOD" until 1954. One web site notes the following:

"The introduction of "UNDER GOD" in the 1950s was done during the cold war as a way of differentiate the United States from the concept of Communist State Atheism".

It has not, as some believe, always contained the words "UNDER GOD"


Again, it is not my intention to offend anyone on this forum, but should I disagree with a subject, then I will voice my opinion.


I hope everyone has a Pura Vida day


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Some very valid points. Before someone else says it, let me be the first: Ronofboston, this thread is about torture - not school prayer or pledge of allegiance. Start a new thread !


NOTE: Mentioned post was split off to create a new topic: 'Pledge of Allegiance & School Prayer', where that discussion may be continued. - Moderator



Well I don't have time. We are off to Boston to see the real Santa (you do know SANTA CLAUSE is of IRISH decent, and lives in South Boston in the off season)


Whishing everyone a very Merry Christmas.


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