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Panamanian Health Care

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Hello All, I realize this post is a bit off topic but want to post a link to a Panamanian expat blogger who has a current story explaining quite in detail the Panamanian health care options for expats and some specific cost info. This guy also sells tours etc but has some good stories about life in Panama which could be good reading for anyone considering Panama.


As we very often have folks who are considering either Panama or Costa Rica and health care is a critical factor there may be some who would enjoy taking the time to read the post. The blog is regularly updated so the health care piece will probably be moved down soon and you would need to look for it.


Richard Detrich is his name. site is:




His $7,000 cost for some stents and heart work just reinforces my luck in having both Caja and private INS insurance at a reasonable cost which when I need a stent or two my share should be no more than $1,000. And this performed at CIMA or Biblica with top notch cardiologist.


I Love Costa Rica and the health care options I have here between the Caja and private Insurance .

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I looked at the Panamanian blog on healthcare - it seems to read almost as if it was written in Costa Rica! Many of the same pros and cons apply in both countries.


We also purchased private healthcare insurance in CR, in addition to participating in Caja. Our healthcare policy also provides hospitalization coverage in the USA "at participating hospitals". We have a couple of years to go before we are eligible for Medicare - then we will re-evaluate the USA coverage. If we need major medical care at that time, we can decide between CR private medical care or travel to the USA for Medicare healthcare.

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