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Has anyone else had Skype problems??? It says the connection speed between you is unknown. I have missed calls while I'm sitting waiting for the call. Than I end up with a bunch of voice mails. Also when I send a message it doesn't seem to get to the person. I don't understand this because I never had internet or Skype problems...... Well, I guess I should never say never.

Any help out there????


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Check to se whether your version of Skype is out of date or if your browser is not the current version. How about the router you are using; it could contribute to some problems if it's an older one or is wearing out.


If that's not the problem then it could likely be ICE or their servers causing problems.


Also there was work done recently on the undersea cable between Ft. Lauderdale and Central America (CR, Panamá, etc.), after which I started to occasionally have some Skype anomalies when I called two people in CR using Skype. Previously I had never had problems calling them but now, after the work on that undersea cable, I get disconnections, noises or incompleted calls. But it is intermittent. So sometimes a call to one of them will be clear aa a bell and other times it will be staticky or may have odd noises on the line –or suddenly in the middle of a bell-clear call, one of us can no longer hear the other. (Actually one can talk and be heard and the other can type his replies!)


That's my overall assessment of the problem. (I do know one of the people whose calls I have problems with told me that his problem is due to his landlord's router so they're getting a new one.)


I hope some of this proves helpful. Maybe Mark, our technology maven will chime in here . . .




Paul M.


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We have also had problems with a recent Skype update. Not just call problems, but freezing up, causing high CPU usage, hogging wifi bandwidth, preventing the PC from shutting down, etc......


Unfortunately, with the new update systems for programs like Skype, Firefox, Chrome, etc, you no longer have control of the upgrade, its done automatically in the background, and you cant go back without doing a system restore. So its almost impossible to go back to a previous version of a program now.



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