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Fiesta de la Paz in NC- fotos!

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Went to a Fiesta de la Paz here in NC today. Ticos were actually in the minority, there were mostly Mexicans and Colombians. There were typical dances, an acto civico, some Latin food (not specific to CR) and a fashion show put on by a tico designer. I had a good time, my esposo hated it because there was no Pilsen. :lol:


Some pictures-














Hope everyone is surviving the floods down there in Chepe! Gotta say I'm glad we didn't have to go through that. Hope all is well in tropical paradise :P

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Them's some fancy ol' dresses, Lucy. Some of the are pretty amazing, though. Thanx for shariing.


The oddest gown (IMO) is the ivory colored one tied in a big knot just above the model's right knee. It reminds my how my landlady's maid knots the drapes in the landlady's apertment, as a way for tying them back to let the daylight in. (It''s apparently very tico to do that with the curtains in CR. I've seen it done in anumber of homes there.)


Too bad about the no-Pilsen for your hubby.




Paul M.


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