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Once my hubby quits work this year and we move to CR, we won't have any health insurance. So, I just went to the healthcare.org site to see how much the cheapest plan will cost us. I learned 2 things. First, dental coverage is provided with some of the plans. Second, for the two of us the cheapest plan will cost $802/month. That is based on the state and county where we currently live.

ARe you sure you ran the numbers correctly.

I ran my numbers for Calif, for the old county we lived in, based on our current income, and at first I thought my cost would be about $700/month, but with premium assistance (federal subsidy), my cost show at about $80/month for the silver plan.



ps Criollo, thanks for the info.

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When I checked into it, the ACA cheapest premium for a bronze level HMO was just over $600 a month for our family of 6 (2 adults, 4 children) & that was without any premium assistance since we qualify for no federal subsidy.



That is $600/month for all 6 of you, right? Thats not really too bad.

When I left Calfi, my own insurance would have cost me well over $1000/m just for me, 1 person.

That was pre ObamaCAre of course.

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For my BC/BS Federal Employee Health Plan that covers all my medical and a few Dental needs here in Ticoland costs me around $190.00 a month for one(1) person.


This Plan is readily acceptable by both CIMA and Clinica Biblica Hospitals here in the Central Valley which are excellent Hospitals.


Also, as a Nationalized Costa Rican I have the option of not affiliating with the CAJA.



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Yes, Dana, the premium was for the entire family & I also thought it was pretty reasonable. The HMO was pretty good coverage for a family like us (young/healthy/no chronic health conditions). Office visit copays were low, free well care...there was a high deductible for inpatient type stuff but we'd only need something like that in an emergency. Even then, the deductible amount was still something I could pay on the spot if needed & the out of pocket maximum was not something that would bankrupt me. All in all I felt it was fair coverage for a reasonable price.



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I entered the exact same stats as yesterday and got a totally different result today. For some reason yesterday I didn't "receive" a tax credit. So, for 2 different Bronze plans we will pay $0. One of the Silver plans will cost $29/month. The highest Platinum plan is $621/month. The high deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses don't bother me because that is what my husband and I have now through his employer. It is basically a catastrophic plan. We said "Good-Bye" to low cost health insurance a long time ago!

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Don't believe for a minute that the Obama Health Care is affordable. My husband and I wouldn't touch it with a 10 ft pole. It's a big lie.

Have you even bothered to go to your states ACA site to see what it would cost you? Please do so, then post what you find there.

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I have to ask why you're interested in moving to CR if you think that the ACA is "a big lie." CR is a socialist country (well, mixed economy, as are most countries, but much more highly-regulated than the US). Caja is government-mandated and -operated health care, after all. Many of the prices here are regulated by government entities.




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