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Importing a firearm is very tedious, slow, etc. "Hassle" is a good description.


It would likely not be much cheaper, and much slower, than purchasing (new or used) here. There are many good gun stores, and even an importer with excellent selection in San Jose.


The requirements for owning a firearm are pretty strict. The primary one is that you must be a Permanent resident "libre condición", not a Temporary (Pensionado, Rentista, etc)... So if you haven't achieved Permanent residency you'll need to get that before importing or buying.



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. . . and becoming a permanent legal resident typically takes about five years. It seems that becoming a temporary legal resident is now taking a year or longer. Then, after you've been a legal temporary resident for three years, you can apply to become a permanent legal resident. That'll take another year or so.


Only after becoming a permanent legal resident can you commence the process of obtaining a permit to possess a firearm.


Non-residents (tourists, mostly) cannot possess a firearm except under a very few and very restrictive conditions. Almost no one would qualify.

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Once a legal temporary resident, you can purchase, through your S.A., a firearm, but it must stay in a 'specific location/address', such as in a business office and should/must not be moved/carried, elsewhere. You can't get a 'permit to carry', until you are a Permanent resident and have taken the necessary instruction and passed the psychological test.


Importing firearms

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CRF (and "Legs") unfortunately that is no longer correct. Or at least not completely correct.


When they changed the law requiring Permanent "libre condición" status to purchase a firearm or to get a carry permit they also added a requirement to the S.A. The legal representative of the S.A. must be a C.R. citizen or a Permanent resident "libre condición".


So to purchase a firearm using an S.A. you'll need an eligible person to be the responsible party, (which also makes them responsible in case of problems.)


On the other hand, if you purchase a corporation that happens to own a firearm, that situation isn't addressed.


Information is on the government Armas y Explosivos website (which is down at the moment)... http://www.msp.go.cr/tramites_servicios/armas_explosivos.aspx

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