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Phone text (SMS) "phishing"...

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Just after the thrilling World Cup game (where the Netherlands put in a cheeky, fresh-as-a-daisy goalie for the penalty kicks...) I received a text message on my C.R. cell phone...


"llamame ahora por favor 0079542134370"


In the excitement over a super-tight game of 0-0 through normal play, extra 30 min, and all the way to penalty kicks... I might have just pressed the link to reply... It would have been a mistake...


This appears to have been a phishing expedition... The telephone country code 007 is for Kazakhstan & Russia... It seems that scammers were waiting for the end of a World Cup game to blast out SMS messages.


In addition to being proud and happy with our superb team "La Sele"... be cautious...

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