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Paid Membership - Heard Nothing

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bwickson    0

Looking for some advice - I signed up and paid up via PayPal for a membership in ARCR. I've never paid for anything on PayPal that I didn't get an immediate acknowledgement of some sort, but got nothing. I emailed twice to ask if this was the norm or if I should have received something. I don't have a membership number or explanation of how to make inquiries.


Just checking to see if there is no automation and this process will just take a while.





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Epicatt2    0

Hello BWickson,


If you have kept the transaction number for the PayPal payment you made I would suggest that you phone ARCR and ask member services if they see your payment for membership. Call them, don't email; it is way too easy for emails ot get lost in cyberspace en route to Costa Rca.


If you decide to phone and are outside CR set up a Skype account (it's a free download) and then you can buy a few SkypeOut minutes and call ARCR from the US for 6.4-cents US per minute, a bargain and a money-saver if for some reason you have to call back a second time to ask questions.


Hope this helps!


Paul M.


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