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Prize tonight on Wheel of Fortune . . .

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While on Wheel of Fortune for the past year it has been not too uncommon to see Prize Puzzles featuring trips to Costa Rica, sometimes to the Pacific, sometime to Tortugero, and I've even seen a stay the La Paz Waterfall Gardens be the prize. Belize stays are offered, too, once in a while and about three weeks ago there was one for Panama City.


But tonight there was a new one: The puzzle prize offered was a trip to San Juan del Sur in Nicaragua to stay at some upscale hotel there. I guess that means that SJdSur is starting to shake loose from its isolated, laid-back personna.


And now that Granada has already become a lot more expensive in the last few years it makes me wonder where the border runs will eventually redirect to for an inexpensive sojurn.


¡Pura Pasearse!


Paul M.


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I don't know the answer to your question, but another thing to note is the next Survivor is being filmed there as well. I'm afraid the rest of the world is soon going to know about my secret get away.


Well, that's not all.... They've been pushing CR for years now on [iffy] shows about "fabulous homes" for sale in CR. Such a fantasy, but that drwas people to CR, too.


Such is the power of the media.


Paul M.


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