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UPDATE TO: Passing of Forums Member Shea Dutton

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I am very unhappy to report that one of the long-time members of the Forums has died.


Shea Dutton passed away yesterday in Hospital Mexico after a brief illness. Many here will remember Shea for her frequent contributions to various topics.


At present there is no further information such as for funeral arrangements, or for whether there may be be a memorial service later on.


Should any of that information become available it will be posted here.


We offer our condolences to her family and friends.




Paul M.

Forums Moderator


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Hi all, I have been in contact with friends of Shea who are assisting her sister from Calif. in sorting out her affairs, and will pass on your regards.

If I hear of any memorial, I will try to post the info here, so others will be aware.


We have known Shea personally since we first moved here, but were in contact with here thru the forums for a few years prior as we researched moving to Costa Rica. She was a good friend, and we will miss her greatly.


Dana & Cecilia Johnson

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UPDATE: Thanks to DanaJ for providing us with information about this upcoming sale of Shea's art supplies and related items:


Artist, good friend to those who knew her, gourmet cook, and the eternally optimistic Shea Dutton died last week. She endured relentless pain and seemingly endless medical issues over her battle with rheumatoid arthritis and consequent related health issues. She moved from California to Atenas, Costa Rica to seek more affordable health care. She moved to Tibas two years ago in order to be in the Hospital Mexico region for medical care.

People who knew Shea will remember her kindness, her unassuming nature and especially her optimism and hope for the future. Her special gift was to see beyond philosophical differences and build friendships among an interesting variety of people.

Shea left behind enough art supplies to start a store.

A sale of these art supplies, art related books and finished works of Shea will be on sale this Saturday, June 7 from 8:00 AM to Noon.

Proceeds from this sale will pay her medical and funeral expenses.

This is a perfect time to honor the artist Shea and to fuel the artist within yourself.

Partial list of items for sale (cash only):

Canvases ranging in size from 8X10 to 30X40; 2 sets of pastels + set of oil pastels; sketch books and journals; artists lamps (clip on + floor); 2 boards for plein air sketching and painting; glass paint; gouache and watercolor sets; enamel paint for glass or ceramics; acrylic paint set; oil paint set; individual tubes and bottles of acrylic and oil paint; fimo to make beads, etc.; sets of brushes for oil, acrylic and watercolor; individual artist brushes; set of aqua flow brushes (great for plein air- fill the brush with water and eliminate the water pan!); heat set artists oils + heat set gun; small and large wooden + metal easels; 7 plastic palettes; rolling art supply caddy; Adobe graphic arts program for Mac; 2 rolls of transfer paper; electric scissors; set of 6 drawing pencils in case by Cretacolor; set of 12 watercolor pencils in case by Cretacolor; paint and ink markers; metal leaf sheets; coral and glass beads, thin wire, etc. for jewelry making; brush caddies; artist sponges; magnifying glass; books on drawing, watercolor, oil painting, art history and various artists; for folk or tole painting: 3 complete sets of 160 tubes of paint in wire rack; individual tubes and bottles of tole paint; small rotating table easel for tole painting; tons of books, magazines, tear sheets and DVD’s on tole painting projects and techniques PLUS finished works by Shea Dutton.

Directions to sale:

The sale will be held at the home of her good friends Linda and Bruce. Coming from Atenas center, turn left at the “Y” by the big Boyero Monument. Turn left onto the first street marked Villa Margarita in Los Angeles de Atenas. Third house before the end on the left side. Phone: 2446-0542

Note: A sale of Shea’s household items will be held the following Saturday, June 14 from 8:00 AM to Noon at the same location.

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