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Online Membership Application - What next?

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Redneck    0

Just trying to figure out how the process is supposed to work.


I've filled out the online application for the ARCR membership for my wife and me on April 17 but haven't received anything but a Paypal receipt yet. Not even a form submission confirmation.


What am I supposed to expect next? I've read somewhere that we'll get a membership card/number? By postal service or email or how?


Sorry for my confusion.

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Epicatt2    0

Hello Redneck,

This is possibly the worst time of the year (other than around Christmastme) to deal with many businesses in CR since so many of them close for this holiday.

If you applied this past week please realize that ARCR is one of those businesses that close for Semana Santa holiday and they have been been closed for thet entire week.


Even if you applied in the week prior to Semana Santa ARCR may not have had time to get back to you before the holiday began.


I'd encourage you to be patient and give them another week to get back to you since there will be a huge accumulation of emails and other requests that they will have to slog through when they return to work Monday.


If you do not hear back after about one week I'd suggest you phone them around April 28th. (I'd further suggest that you use Skype, which is s free download, to call since it is cheaper (about 6-cents per minute, US to CR) in case you have to phone ARCR a second time, because they will be busy playing catch-up when they return to work.) Don't email them since there will be all those other emails ahead of your for them to wade through .


All I can do right now is to encourage you to be patient, and hope that proves satisfactory for the moment.




Paul M.

Forums Moderator


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