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I seldom warn people about virus' and worms that affect the Internet... This is an exception.


There is a new worm, W32.Blaster.Worm, that is spreading around the Net. If you use broadband (DSL, Cable Modem, ISDN, etc.) or any other "always on" connection to the net, and you do NOT use a firewall, you could be in for some unpleasant experiences.


I have warned my web hosting customers and design customers, and I will warn you now.


Do NOT listen to those Internet experts who tell you a firewall is not needed to protect your system. There are numerous FREE or very cheap firewalls that can protect you. Get one and install it.


To test your vulnerability to the kind of worm, go to: http://scan.sygatetech.com/ Run ALL the tests... then fix problems. It is FREE. If you use a modem, don't bother checking.


This is not a technical Forum and I cannot go into technical details. Check with your ISP as to what to do... but if you use braodband, PLEASE get yourself protected. If you use Microsoft XP, a firwall is included and should be turned ON (See your local computer genius for help)


It is not cheap to have me, or someone like me, de-worm or de-virus your PC. Get virus protection NOW and keep it updated! New virus' and worms come out DAILY... No, that is NOT a misprint.


For info on this new threat, go to:




Mas Tarde...



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Hey Tim, just thought you should know,,

I use a dial up modem connection to RACSA and I shut my firewall off for a while on Monday because it has the odd habit of not letting my photos pass thru on MSN.. I forgot to turn it back on when I finished and Monday evening I began having problems with my PC resetting itself. Our friend the blaster worm wreaked havoc with my PC for about an hour before I realized what was going on and eradicated it.. and put the proper security patch on windows.... so you folks with dial up connections are NOT safe!

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