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$620+ dollars a month for CAJA? Las Crucitas mine in arbitration for $92milllion (and expecxted to win), OAS (contractor for San Ramon/Sann Jose highway due to be paid $35 million by 15 March for a broken contract (which they are not backing off of, and which goes to over $500 million as agreed to in the contract for non-completion if deadline of 15 March not met), the container port at Moin in limbo and APM terminals wanted to begin work last September, and now the Diputados want to put a 30% tax on foreign investments? Can anyone explain to me what is happening with this country?? It is on the verge of extinction!!

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How many times on this Forum I have read postings from USA Expats; I came to Ticoland because "I am tired of USA Big Brother messing with my life" . Appears "the chickens have come here to Roost" here in Ticoland.


However, What are the other options like returning to the USA?? Because of economic reasons I could not do this and there are a lot of other USA Expats in this same boat.


Sadly, It appears to be "'pay or go" for many CR Residents.

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Originally Posted incorrectly Under "ARCR Increases


"Time for PLAN B.


I am having my son (USA) assemble two sets of documents for Residency in Panama and Nicaragua. By filing myself without a lawyer it should only cost a couple hundred dollars. Should the Cost of Living, Caja, and other cost factors exceed my monthly retirement funds, at least I'm prepared. I also have maintained my "Part B" Medicare back in the states while I await Caja.


NO, I don't want to leave and hope the day doesn't come, but if they don't want me here at least I'm prepared. Before someone jumps all over me for abandoning the ship, that is not my intention, as I state should the "costs exceed my income". I have too much invested in relocating to CR and Residency. This is where we chose to retire, but it seems as though new roadblocks are becoming commonplace.

I do recognize Nic. and Panama may not have National Health Care but I'm only 3hrs. Air away from US health care. If you GOOGLE Nicaragua Residency you'll see it is what CR was 10 years ago, $600/mo retirement.


Pura Vida


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