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Last year indeed was ¢3,000; at least that's what popped up on Google ref the Chili Cook-Off.


Unfortunately I could not find anything about the 2014 editions of the Cook-Off.


So it looks like someone there in CR will prolly need to call them.


Let us know if you do. All my research netted naught.




Paul M.

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Are there ever any vegetarian chilis? Hey, stop throwing those tomatoes ...


The esposo loves chili, which he was introduced to during a visit to Seattle before I moved here, but I'm not a meat-eater, so was just wondering.


Have you tried Norman's chili at Jalapeños? Pretty darned good, especially with an egg sunny side up on top of it to mix into the bowl with it. It's fabulous but of course it isn't a vegetarian version.


But Tiffany, in case you cannot find anywhere in CR that serves up a decent vegetarian chili, America's Test Kitchens, [on PBS] recently had an episode where they made a tasty and good looking vegetarian chili. I found that recipe using Google that someone kindly posted w/o too much trouble. Here's the link:




It looks like all the ingredients for this vegetarian version can be found in CR.




Paul M.


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