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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, I am preparing to launch a new website for tourism in Costa Rica. I was talking to an accountant about how to pay myself and one other north american employee (along with several other local employees). He suggested that we could set up the Costa Rican corporation, and then go to Immigration with him to petition for work visas, for the two of us, in the name of the corporation that we are uniquely able to operate. He says that we should be able to open bank accounts this way, as well. Does anyone have experience or insight into this? I've read that working with immigration can be slow, but that's not my question. Can it be done, is what I am more interested in learning. Thank you
  2. Hi everyone, I thought it might be of interest to those who do not yet have their cedulas to recount our experience when we returned from Seattle to CR yesterday (10 July 2014). We applied for residency and received our comprobante requistos expedientes in August, 2012. We flew United and expected to be asked to show an airline ticket from CR when our next 90 days are up (early October). United staffers did not ask to see any sort of paperwork documenting that we'll be leaving CR within the next 90 days. When we got to migracion, even before I had a chance to pull our my comprobante to show that we'd begun the application process nearly two years ago, the staffer asked to see our airline tickets out of CR. I explained -- politely, I hope -- that we had applied for residency in August, 2012, and had our comprobantes. He said it didn't matter, that we had to have airline tickets showing that we were leaving CR within 90 days. Luckily, because of driver's license issues, we'd booked our tickets out of CR about 87 days out. But I was floored that he asked us. We've been coming and going, probably 8 or 10 times since receiving our comprobantes, and, although airline staff have sometimes asked to see outbound airline tickets, no one at migracion has ever asked to see airline tickets. Until yesterday, that is. So anyone without a cedula, be prepared with an airline ticket when you return to CR. (I was telling friends that we feel like visitors to Seattle and that CR is home, but maybe we shouldn't feel quite so comfortable here. I understand that legally, migracion certainly has a right to ask to see a ticket, but it just felt so unfriendly, very unlike the way we've nearly always been treated when we've reentered CR in the past.) Anyone else experience any tighter enforcement of the rules when they've returned to CR recently? regards, Gayle
  3. John Miller

    Renewing visa

    I need to renew my visa in a few days at or near Paso Canoas. What exactly should I expect? Can I enter Panama and return to Costa Rica the same day? If not, how long do I have to stay in Panama? To get in, do I really need to show them proof of a return flight to Canada from Panama, or will my return ticket from Costa Rica do? I understand that I need to show them evidence that I have $500, but will a ATM receipt of my account balance do? I understand there has been some confusion about all this, so recent experience would help guide me. Hope someone can help.
  4. I am from the US have been living in Costa Rica off and on for about 4 years as a perpetual tourist. I am engaged to someone also from the States who has been living much of the same PT existence. Problem is that I have left the country every 90 days and am up-to-date with my visa, she has not. She was given three 10 day visas in a row by some bribe-seeking immigration border folks, and after that she gave up on trying to do it legit. So she has overstayed for about 6 months. We are flying out of Costa Rica next week to go back stateside and meet each other's parents, and I was just hit with this news of her expired visa a few hours ago. I wonder what other surprises are in store? We are flying out of San Jose and I know that there are some fines ($3/day) for going over your visa, but what sort of problems can she expect for a 6 month overstay? Are we going to have to delay the wedding to bail her out of tourist prison? TIA for the advice and Happy New Year.
  5. In response to a PM, here is some information I found on the U.S. Dept. of State Travel site regarding VISAs: "ENTRY / EXIT REQUIREMENTS FOR U.S. CITIZENS: For entry into Costa Rica, you must present a valid passport that will not expire for at least three months after arrival and a roundtrip/outbound ticket. Because of possible fines levied by Costa Rican Immigration, many airlines will not permit passengers without a roundtrip ticket to board flights to Costa Rica unless they have Costa Rican citizenship, residency or a visa. There is a departure tax of $26 USD for visitors. Passports should be in good condition; Costa Rican Immigration may deny entry if the passport is damaged in any way. Costa Rican authorities generally permit U.S. citizens to stay up to ninety days. To extend a stay, travelers must submit an application for an extension to the Office of Temporary Permits in the Costa Rican Department of Immigration. Extension requests are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Tourists who stay more than ninety days, without receiving an extension, may experience a delay at the airport when departing, may be fined $100, or may be denied entry to Costa Rica on future visits. Individuals planning to study in Costa Rica can only apply for a student visa from Costa Rican Immigration after arriving in the country. Neither the Costa Rican Embassy in Washington, DC nor its Consulates have the authority to issue student visas. This has led to some confusion by airline employees who mistakenly believe that individuals traveling to Costa Rica as part of a legitimate exchange program must have a return travel date that is less than 90 days from their initial date of travel." http://travel.state....ry_requirements Hope this information clears up some misconceptions. p.s. If someone could also find a link to info on just how many exits/entries you can make to renew a visa, that would be good too. I have read someplace (but can't find the link now) that you are given 1 90 day visa, renewable for a second 90 days. Its what happens after that that is in question. Can you continue to renew for additional 90 day visa (perpetual tourist), or does one now have to leave CR for a period of time before they can come back?
  6. Ok, how did you guys handle these situations: 1. Medical Records .... did you get a copy of your medical to bring down? We have 20 year history with our family doctor and was not sure if the doctors in CR needed or wanted that info ... note, in the States, we would have the records transferred from one doctor to another if we had ever moved. 2. What about dental records? 3. How do you guys handle you credit cards? When my CC expires, Chase sends me a new one in a nondescript envelope. How does that work in CR? Do you use mail forwarding to get it? Must take a lot longer than the couple of days turn around here in the US. Part 2 - after getting my CC, I call an automated number that recognizes my caller ID and authenticates / activates my card. How does that work in CR?

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