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  1. Many expats who are recently newbies in Costa Rica are (or continue) struggling with acquiring a better facility with spanish. The many verb forms, alone, can be truly daunting to begin with, but with use and practice (they really do) become easier. Then there is the thing about figuring out which form of address, familiar or formal, to use with others in conversations in spanish. Today there was an article in the Tico Times Digest which explains the use of and origins of the several words in spanish which are used for 'you': tú / usted / ustedes / vos / vosotros. When I studied spanish at University in they early 70s, we were taught Latin American Spanish, not Continental Spanish. But we were never taught the use of vosotros or vos. It was mentioned that it was used in Spain and usually only for religious purposes, like in church, so we wouldn't need it. –NOT! This article in the TT today, by Kate Galante: "Say you, say me: using tú, vos and usted", goes a long way towards helping a novice who's trying to use spanish for everyday communication in CR to understand which form of 'you' in spanish to use in which situation. The article is HERE. OK — Hope this proves useful for some of our Forums Members. ¡Pura Vida!, Y'all . . . Paul M. ==

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