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  1. Gentle Forums Members, Our Webmaster, TG, asked that I re-post this topic to the Forums, which he recently found on another discussion group. TG feels that both the information and the link contained in the post below might be of benefit to some of our Forums Members. Check it out and see what you think, Members. Regards, Paul M. ======= New IPTV product available in Costa Rica Hola everyone-- This should be called GRINGO-TV. I've waited to announce this product until I could test it myself. The problem with delivering television to laptops, hand-helds and PCs is the issue of buffering (or 'gagging' as I refer to it). This product consists of a controller about the size of an I-phone that connects one end to your router (it acts like another PC on your home network) and the other end to your TV by an HDDI cable. I installed it at my home in Atenas and initially had difficulty because my internet company couldn't deliver bandwidth speeds in the true 3-4 mega band. After switching to CableTica's 10meg offering ($44/month) I had no problem with buffering. IPTV offers 1000 channels of programming on two portals. You choose which one you want and you can switch back and forth. That's one thousand channels of programming + (Plus) nearly 2000 Movies On Demand in English. We've recently watched Jurassic World, American Sniper, Terminator Genesis and others. Go to the following web page worldwideIPTV and take a look at the offering. Cut and paste this URL. ( www.puravidabridge.com/worldwideIPTV.html ).- The pricing is about $600 for the equipment and a year of programming @ $18/month up front. Watch news from New York or Miami. Watch first-run movies. Watch ball games with NO BUFFERING. System requirements: I strongly suggest that you have an internet offering that connects via high-speed cable such as CableTica. While you might get by during the daytime with slower-speed internet, come 5:30 and you'll start to experience buffering. I've had our 10megs running from CableTica and there has been no buffering. Anything less than that and you won't be happy. CableTica's 10 meg offering is $44/month. How much are you paying for internet right now? How much are you paying for TV right now? Are you unhappy with the lack of English-language programming? Are you watching Sky with CNN and Fox as your English-language choices? Interested? Send me an e-mail at WorldwideIPTV@yahoo.com with your contact information and an installer/programmer will be in contact with you. You pay him, not me. I put this out on the blog because this is a very good product. As Leonardo DiCaprio's character of Howard Hughes says in the great movie Aviator. . . it's the way of the future. Best wishes, John Randall Atenas == To spend this kind of money is just silly. For well under $75 and for maybe $8 per month you can get everything described above and much more. TG

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