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  1. I bought a newer car and am trying to sell the old one. A guy who is interested asked me for the "infracciones." What? So I sent him a copy of the Registro Publico page for the car and he said, "No, from COSEVI." OK. (I had no knowledge of any such thing.) I went to the COSEVI website and while it looks totally user friendly, it's all a sham. I tried and tried so many different variations of getting "into the system" -- there is a section called "consultas infracciones" - to no avail. I even had my best tech friend come and take a look. No go. So in a fit of frustration, I just Googled "consultas infracciones cosevi costa rica" and came up with a list. The first item was the website where I had been unsuccessful. I clicked on the second item and lo and behold! there it was. I could put in the placa number and get a list of infracciones. OK. The owner before me had quite a few but they were all paid for so no problem. Then I noticed two infracciones: for 8 December in Golfito and for driving without the proper license. Wait.... what? My car has never been in Golfito and on 8 December was quietly parked in my carport. Not only that, but it looked like there were two fines for the same infraction. So I told the buyer about this and that I would contact a local attorney. I went to see her - this was not long before xmas - and she said she would take care of it. The COSEVI office would be closed until January 8 so she would go there on January 9 and straighten this out. OK. I'm waiting..... waiting..... waiting.... and hear nothing. I finally got in touch with her and she said, "Oh yes, I'm going to COSEVI on Tuesday" "But that's what you said before!" "Yes, I know, but I couldn't go that day....." (Or any day, apparently...) Now the fine associated with my car has almost doubled, according to what I see when looking it up. I don't know enough to know if it increases after a certain amount of time not being paid but I'm assuming that's what it is. "Hey, just pay the fine and clear it up" you might say. Friend, this fine is now up to about $400 and there's NO WAY I'm going to pay this thing that is not mine to pay. I've gotten all totally stubborn about it and, at this point, I will give this car away or drive it into the Rio Tempisque before I pay that fine. hahahaha (It's a 20-year-old car....) I am very anxious to know what the response of COSEVI will be. It could be really easy like "Ok just sign this statement and we'll take it off." (When my wallet was stolen some years ago and I had to replace my cedula, I had to go to an attorney and make a statement to him and he attested to the accuracy wrote it up officially complete with raised emblem and colorful stamps.) Or "Sorry, but once we have that on record there's no way to take it off." I've thought about going to the office myself, but I'll just wait until the attorney does her thing. (If she does....) Sometimes, various officials get along better with an attorney and sometimes they get along better with an old, gray-haired grandma like me.

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