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Found 6 results

  1. I have been told by the USA Social Security that I need to apply for a replacement card because my city of birth was entered incorrectly in their system. I must do this before they will process my request for Social Security funds. I tried filling out the online request form for an appointment and did not hear back from them. Is there another way to make an appointment with the Social Security office at the US Embassy?
  2. Experts - I have a neighbor who is applying for residency and he worked for the Railroad in the USA for many many years. He called the Embassy in CR to get a copy of his "SS income" and they said they cannot provide since he worked for the railroad. He has to contact the railroad in the US to get a letter. He did that, but they will not notarize the letter. Has anyone on this forum gone through the Pensionado process being a retired employee from the US railroad system? I've never heard of such, but guess anything is possible given that I believe the railroad is a pseudo-government entity. Thoughts? Any advice/guidance would be great. Thx! squigglesrus
  3. Gentle Forums Members, For anyone who may have missed it, someone posted this link elsewhere that will surely be of interest to those of us who are retired and also those who are living in Costa Rica (and everywhere else): Press Release, Thursday, October 15, 2015 – No Social Security Cost-of-Living Adjustment for 2016 https://www.ssa.gov/news/press/releases/#/post/10-2015-1 It was on the ABC Evening News tonight, as well. The explanation given on the news was that there was not enough inflation during this past year to generate a percentage increase in SS pensions. — Not that we retirees couldn't still benefit from one! [sigh] Regards, Paul M. ==
  4. Hmmm..... Has anyone heard whether the Social Security Desk at the US Embassy in Pavas will continue issuing SS Income Letters during the time that the US Govt is so stupidly 'shut down'. I'll need to get one to take to BNCR to actualizar mis cuentas while I am there in October. I read that vIsa applications will continue to be accepted and visas issued at the Embassy during the govt shutdown, but nothing has been aid about the SS Pension letters. Maybe someone in CR who needs to visit the Embassy could ask. Or maybe just phone them and ask. [nudge-nudge] Fingers X-ed Paul M. ==
  5. When we first moved here in 2010, my wife had her Soc. Sec. direct deposited to our joint account at Wells Fargo in Calif. Recently, she decided that perhaps we should have it put directly in our CR bank account, as WF's wire transfer fees have increased (we only do a transfer quarterly), and will no doubt go up again next year. We were told by a couple of posters that it was a simple process of filling out a form at BN, so we went there to see what we needed to do. First we were told by the person at BN that due to new US banking or Soc. Sec. regs (or both) that the SS could not be directly deposited into a joint account, it had to go into an individual account. OK, so I thought that since we already had accounts here for the past two years, no problem, we would just open a new account. Silly me, this is Costa Rica. Sure they said, we would just need copies of all the 'usual documents' plus a new Soc. Sec. letter stating the current income, since it has changed since we got our first letter due to a tiny cost of living adjustment. So we would need to go to the US embassy to get it. So my wife called the embassy and finally reached the Soc. Sec. desk and asked what we needed to do. They said that it was correct that SS could not be directly deposited into a joint account and had to go into an individual account (even tho it was doing just that back in the USA), and we needed an appointment to get the new letter. Plus, once we had the new account opened, we would have to come back to the embassy to make the change in the direct deposit info, we could not do it by phone or online. So, we were looking at at least two trips into San Jose to the embassy, plus going through all the paperwork to open a new, individual account here, all taking at least 2-3 weeks. Or we could just have the SS direct deposited into her Chuck Schwab account which has much lower wire transfer fees and make only one trip to SJ. Yes, the Soc. Sec. desk said that we still had to come into the embassy to make ANY change to the way SS was received. What do you think we choose? Pura Vida, & all that.....
  6. I am about to renew my cédula (residente pensionado) and was told in the ARCR office last week that some, not all, people are being asked for a current (i.e. new) letter from the US Embassy documenting their SS income. They told me that they have been told the lack of consistency is because the "system is being changed over" (to what, everybody needing the current letter?). Has anybody had this experience? I guess it's easier to go sit in line for the letter, than to have to start all over again if I am refused renewal. I did get this letter when I got my residency two years ago. I guess it's possilbe to lose some of your SS, but not very common. I know one gent (in the US) who had an afternoon delight with a younger colleague and was tagged for 40% of his SS for the resulting child. There is also talk of a new requirement that SS must be deposited into a CR bank. I do hope this cannot be retroactively enforced.

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