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Found 37 results

  1. This was our first renewal of our temporary Inversionista Residency. We had a Spanish speaking friend call Migracion to set up an appointment for us and she was told we would have to appear in person at Migracion because my Cedula did not come up in their database. We went to BCR a couple of days before we went to Migracion and they confirmed that they could not find my Cedula in the system but did indeed allow us to pay for our renewal (about half of what I thought it would be). Off to Migracion where we showed our Cedulas at the information window. The first person called over another that was more familiar with Inversionistas and this lady informed us that as Inversionistas we were not entered into the database and that we must appear in person at Migracion just to set up a future appointment and this would be what we will have to do going down the road. She did give us a sheet with the correct amount to pay so back to BCR to fix that up. We have a 9:00am appointment this Friday for round 2.
  2. Good Evening! We applied for Residency via Vinculo on November 8 of this year. 2 adults and 2 children.... my 2 children's "status" on the website has changed to RESOLUCIÓN FIRMA while my husband and I still stand at Solicitud Recibida. I know that we have to update our Police Records (get them apostilled and translated).... but I'm curious as to my children's status. I searched the blog and found several postings about RESOLUCIÓN FIRMA.... but wonder if anyone can provide a clear picture of what that status means? Thanks so much! Erin
  3. Hello! We submitted our Residency Application last month after having the birth of our little Tica in San Jose. They accepted our applications, however, we found out we needed to have our Police Records apostilled and translated and the STEP (US Travelers program) document translated. For our first round, we used Tiger Translations in San Jose. We had a wonderful experience with them... however, are looking for a reputable company closer to Migracion for the other documents. Does anyone know of a reputable Translation service (english to spanish) near Migracion that I can have these 3 simple documents done? Thank you! Erin
  4. I have posted a few times in the past few months about moving to CR. Well, my husband Dan and I arrived Tuesday night, ready to begin our new Pura Vida lives. The only bump in the road so far was that our 5 bags of luggage, containing ALL our worldly possessions, was missing until this afternoon. Which leads me to my praises to ARCR. Paul- the Real Costa Rica - led me to the ARCR web site, which led me to wonderful information while preparing to move. Saicy, at ARCR, starting leading me through the residency process 4 months ago. She was amazing in every way. Thank you. So, today, 2 days after we arrived, we met with Saicy, and the the attorney, at the ARCR office. By 3:30, Saicy had found our luggage, and had it sent to our hotel, we filed all the necessary apostilled paperwork we had brought with us, gotten our fingerprints/pictures taken, and completed our portion of the residency process! No 90-day visa issue for us. Tomorrow we head to the house we rented from David in Palmares, and begin the ex-Pat life. We have already received way more in services than the $100. fee to join ARCR. Thank you all my forum "friends" for getting us off on the right foot. Pura Vida. ❤️
  5. I have a question about Caja for anyone who might have done this. I am married to a Tica and am in the process of residency. My wife is an active participant in Caja. Can she add me to her Caja account before my residency is complete or do I have to wait on my final determination from immigration?
  6. We are ready to send $1,100 to ARCR to start the "application" for residency (rentista). Do they let us pick which one of their attorneys will handle our case? If so, any referrals from happy members would be greatly appreciated!!! We would like to get on the fast track to residency which I'm learning is a bit unrealistic but we would like to avoid the nightmare delay senario. Thanks, Rich
  7. We got our immigration file numbers (Expediente) today! Yea!!! I guess we're in the system, now we get to wait! Yippeeeee! We also have our house under contract, now we just need it to go thru!
  8. Hello everyone, I've heard so many horror stories over the years from Canadians who married Ticas, but are unable to get Visitor Visas back to Canada for their new wives. Even after spending over $500 to immigration specialists here in Costa Rica. Has anyone used Fragoman for assistance with Residency after marriage to a Tica or sought their services for Visas? Any reviews or feedback would be helpful. http://www.fragomen.com/ourlocations/Offices.aspx?xpST=officeDetail&office=14 Thanks,
  9. Hi! I am going to order our birth certificates through vitalcheck.com and there is an option for Birth Certificate or Birth Long Certificate. I seem to remember reading something about the long version, but not sure. Is the long version required or is the standard one just fine for our Rentista Application? Thank you in advance! Terrie
  10. Hi everyone, This isn't so much about legal issues around obtaining residency, but thoughts about what it means, and how it changes how I feel. Spouse finally received his cedula yesterday, and here in San Ramon, the wonderful "gatekeeper" at the door of the local CAJA office yesterday, told us that the roster was full and to return by 5 this morning -- before 5, she added -- to stand in line to get our carnets (spouse's, which expires when his cedula does, in 2 years, and for me, my temporary one, which expires on Thursday). We got there at 0450 and there were already 8 or 9 people in line, and by the time the office opened at 0630, there were at least a hundred people waiting. So we were very grateful for her advice. My resolucion has been approved and my appointment to get my cedula will be this Thursday. So assessing things: I realize how truly terrible my Spanish is, and am now committed to dedicating more time to working on it: after all, I'm a resident now, living in a country where I'd better be able to speak the language! No longer being in my 20s (or in my 50s, either) is no excuse. I didn't think I'd feel any differently, but I really do. Yes, we're still guests (as Tim Lytle, TicoGrande, told us way back when), but there is just more of a sense of ownership: this is MY country now, and, while I've cared about it since we first visited in 2010 -- it just grabbed us, that's all I can say -- I have a much stronger sense of commitment. I'd be really interested in hearing from other people about how it felt to them when they gained residency. Did it make no difference in how you felt or did it change your feelings about CR, and, if so, how? regards, Gayle
  11. Will wonders never cease? I finally made a real difference... The Migración website status check will soon show your last several Solicitudes instead of only the most recent one for your Expediente. The official website doesn't reflect it yet but the direct (hard-code IP) shows what is coming. Friends that I'd helped apply for Permanent over a year ago were told to just keep checking their status online, which they did. However, after they had to renew their Temporary (which becomes the most recent Solicitude) their Solicitude for Permanent never showed again. Only the recent renewal. I contacted an attorney who works at Migración and was willing to check their status. I also provided her with documentation of the problem. It only took a couple months for a change to be in testing phase. Now you can see your last several Solicitudes... (early ones show in "study" mode)... Hope this is helpful, Colin
  12. Hoping new residents that have recently affliated with CAJA and existing residents that have affliated in the past or have had recent rate increases are willing to share their actual different CAJA cost ranges, per month. This should help us learn, real time, what effects the new changes in law are having on residents cost of living in Costa Rica.
  13. I have not seen this particular topic come up on the forums so will throw it out. I need to renew my 2-year old Residente Temporal in September and will probably use the services of BCR if able to. My USA passport expired 15 months ago and for reasons I won't go into now, I was unable to renew it. I have also been living in Costa Rica for the past consecutive 17 months. Will I need to produce a valid passport to renew? A Tico attorney friend suggested that in lieu of presenting a current passport, a birth certificate is acceptable. However, I thought they wanted to see a passport to validate if I have met the 4 or 6 month or whatever the current requirement is for living within the boundaries of Costa Rica during a 12-month period.
  14. My wife and I own a condo through a corporation in CR and have a bank account there. We are hoping to retire/ move there in early 2013. Can I apply for Pensionado Residency before actually moving there full time?
  15. Hello Everyone, Apologies if this is a redondent question, but I cannot find straight answers. I heard that the Caja is going up to over $400 a month so after reasearching it a bit I found out that it will go up to $442 http://www.usexpatcostarica.com/arcr-rate-hike-for-caja-plan/ My friend went to the Caja in San Isidro, yesterday and she was told that the monthly rate for rentista is $83. She didn't ask if it's per person or whole family. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Any good sites with reliable information would greatly help us. All the best, Ildi
  16. I know I saw a website referenced here a few months ago, but now I can't find it. How do I check the status of my residency application? I have my file # from when I turned in all the original paperwork. Thanks - Vicki
  17. Hello. My husband and I are back in the states visiting, and are going to pick up all the proper paperwork needed to apply for residency. I wanted to check with you first to make sure we weren't forgetting anything. It should be mentioned that we are also having our first child in CR in Feb, so, if I understand correctly and we qualify, we will become permanent residents. I know we need to get certified copies of our birth certificates, marriage license, criminal background check from our home state, and an income statement. These all have to be translated and notarized, correct? Since we are having a child in CR, is there anything extra/less we need? Should we wait for the birth to apply, or go ahead and apply now? We do plan on speaking and possibly working with an attorney, but I just want to make sure I cover all of our bases while we are visiting and documents are easier to obtain. Thanks so much for your patience as I know this has been asked to death, but for my peace of mind I had to ask myself. And thanks for all of your help. You all are always so helpful! Also, what is the average fee for ARCR to help us with the process?
  18. If I purchase a business for more than $200,000 but put a downpayment of $50,000 and the owner carries back the balance on paper, would this suffice for investor residency requirements?
  19. Hi everyone, Does anyone know anything about what is evidently not a new rule, but new application regarding fingerprints, which evidently must now come from the FBI and not from the local county or city jurisdiction? Not clear from today's AMCR article if it will retroactively apply to all of us applying for residency who are from the EEUU, but the one case cited was from someone who had already applied for pensionado status. (sigh) regards, Gayle
  20. This forum is full of very good info. I have read many, many posts. But have yet to find one that answers my exact situation. (If there is a post out there and I missed it...sorry for this repeat). Situation: My wife was born in Costa Rica. We have her C.R. birth certificate. She was later adopted as a child by a family in Oklahoma. She is a naturalized US citizen. She has lived in the USA for 37 years. We travel to Costa Rica every other year to visit her birth family. Question: Is my wife a dual citizen of CR and USA? Can she apply for a cedula? I will retire soon and we may move to CR. Can our children get a cedula? Can I get a form of residency? Am I married to a CR citizen.....even though she was adopted and sent to USA when she was 1 year old?? Thanks for any responses in advance!
  21. Hi to all, What would happen if a person applied for residency and had an incomplete application. Perhaps missing a guarantee of pension document or birth certificate for example. Would that person still be issued a document that would allow him to stay in country while waiting for the other documents. In my case I was required to provide additonal information and a updated document. I was issued a comprobante and was not required to do the 90 day border run during processing. I ask this as I have a friend who is preparing documents and is getting close to the 180 limit for being in country. In short, wouldnt it be better to have processed an incomplete aplication than staying beyond the 180 day limit tourit visa limit ?
  22. musictheatredoc


    I have so many questions that I didn't know where to post this, so decided to start a new topic. We are Jean and James Andrews of Idaho. Last September we, along with our little girls, went on fact finding mission to Costa Rica. It has long been in our mind that we belonged, as a family, somewhere other than the USA. James is a Brit, Jean an American, our daughters are adopted from China (although they are US citizens). While we were in Costa Rica, we took Christopher Howard's tour and we also spent 2 days with another guide (British Citizen, Costa Rican Resident). We got a good "lay of the land" during both of these tours, and during the rest of our several week stay. We toured schools and neighborhoods. Our older daughter is a competitive gymnast and we visited three gyms while there. After returning home, we made the monumental decision to take the leap and we are planning our move to Costa Rica in February of 2013. I need to wind down a business here and we have to get our lives organized for the move. We plan on selling most of our "stuff" but because we have small children, we do plan to bring some home comforts. We have been in contact with Charles Zeller and we are planning on driving our small shipment to Tampa, FL and using consolidated shipping to send those items. We do have a concern--we are worried about the import fees. Everything we bring (a couple of beds, clothes, toys, dressers, kitchen table, small kitchen appliances) will be more than six months old. What can we expect? We are not bringing large appliances. It's up in the air right now, but I don't think we're bringing a car either. Second area of concern---banks, and banking. James will be working his current job, which is 100% online. He works for a UK company, but is being paid in the US. We won't change that, but we need to know the easiest way to transfer money from US bank accounts (Wells Fargo) to a bank account in Costa Rica. We are open to Costa Rica Bank recommendations as well. While we were in CR we were approved for a Mortgage by Scotia Bank, but I don't hear much good about them. Third area-we plan to rent for a period of six months to a year before we buy. We have a 65 pound North American Retriever. Are we going to be able to find a decent place to rent with a dog of this size. We love her, she's a member of our family, but she might be staying stateside with one of our adult children if we won't be able to find a place to rent. Fourth Area--mailing. We are both over 50 and rely on several medications. We will be keeping our BlueCross/Blue Shield insurance. They use Expresscripts for prescriptions. We receive these through the mail. I understand about setting up the international mail service-will that be adequate for mailing prescriptions? Will we be taxed on them? All of this is overwhelming and sorry to be so long winded...hope to get some feedback on these issues. Jean Andrews
  23. Last night I got to thinking about our comprobantes and decided to look at the .pdf copies our lawyer sent us by email. I'd thought both my spouse's and mine were the same, but I was wrong. Both have a bunch of boxes to show that the item was included in the application packet. I won't bother going into all the detail, but the primary applicant (the one with the pension meeting income requirements for pensionado/a status) has 14 check boxes, only one of which is different from the "dependente:" demonstrating that there is a pension. MY application, on the other hand, has three boxes that aren't on my spouse's form, although one of them appears to be a duplication of another box and both are checked): a marriage certificate, demonstration of dependence (sigh), and a box demonstrating incapacity (happy to say that that is one of the boxes that is not checked on my form). It was a very interesting exercise, the perfect thing to do late at night when you can't sleep. regards, Gayle
  24. Hi everyone, We returned to CR a couple of days ago. I was on JetBlue and they asked me nothing about returning to the US or asking to see an onward ticket. My spouse, on the other hand, flew on United and he said they gave him a great deal of grief over his ticket to Seattle in July because it was more than 90 days out. He showed them his comprobante, but they told him he probably wouldn't be allowed to enter CR. (He eventually told them that he'd take his chances, and the CR official asked for no documentation, just stamped his passport and gave him 90 days.) The immigration form we had to fill out definitely asked -- in Spanish and English -- if we'd been out of the country for 3 days. So the "three day rule" may not be a requirement, but I believe that if the CR official chose to make an issue of it s/he could certainly do so. IMO, better to be out of the country for three days. Finally, when I got to migracion, I had a copy of my comprobante with my passport. The officer really examined it, and I explained (in my bad Spanish) that I have my comprobante, but no cedula. She asked me again about that, and then said that she could only give me 90 days because I don't have my cedula yet. I hope this is not an issue when we leave for a week in early July. regards, Gayle ps: is it any wonder that there's so much confusion around this issue?
  25. I have read that it can take anywhere from 3 months to 3 years to obtain a cedula. Has anyone here recently (last 6 months) received one, or personally know someone who has? Has the process improved or slowed much recently? I'm trying to find out if all documents are completed properly, along with fingerprints and proof of income, how long should I expect it to take to get my pensionado residency? Thanks in advance - Vicki

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