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Found 12 results

  1. Strike two. Costa Rica denied our application for Pensionado last year and Rentista this year. I collect long term disability from a private company which amounts to many times more than required income for the two applications, Costa Rica would not accept it. Each time I was told if the funds came from the US Government it would be ok. We have lived in Tamarindo for the last 18 months. If I want to stay her for the next 12 years until my USA Government SSA kicks in, I will have to do play PT. It is something I did not want to do but if they will not grant me residency I have no other option if I want to stay here.
  2. Hi there, When we return to CR next month I have to start the renew process right away, as our Cedulas expire in mid November. I searched back through the posts, but can't find any recent renewals for this type of temporary residency. Has anyone done this recently, and did they find any new twists? Or, since there are almost always new rules or better ways to do things, did you find any? As always, much appreciative of any feedback. Cheers, CanadaMan
  3. Friend of mine applied for rentista, has now received resolucion. When she heard how much she would have to pay for Caja (approx. 200 usd) she was pretty upset. She is thinking now of changing her application to inversionista, because there seems to be the possibility of lower caja premiums (she is one of the persons, who will really never ever use it and has private insurance). The following questions arose and i promised that i would ask the experts here: 1) Is it possible to make a change to her application? Or will she HAVE to accept the rentista status now that she is approved? Her lawyer says no, no changes are possible and she has to accept the rentista status. But my friend does not trust her lawyer... 2) What happens, if she decides to forego residency completely? That is, never ever pick up her cedula at all? Are there sanctions? Thank you!!
  4. We are an American family of 4, with the adults in our early 40's and kids getting close to 10 years old. We want to get out of the rat race, and spend more time with our kids, and enjoying life and nature. We've read just about everything on The Real Costa Rica website, and many of the articles here. My wife and I visited CR in the past, and we've applied for passports for our children. We intend to visit CR before they go back to school in late August. We think we want to live near the beach, and a school where the kids can earn an American diploma (allowing them into US universities) is a must. Fortunately, we are a healthy bunch, so while good medical care is a concern, it is not top priority. We want to rent, not own property initially, and are open to the possibility that we may move once or twice once we get to CR. What are things we should start working on right away? What should we be certain to do when we visit? We figured we would tour schools, and spend time in a few different cities, and play a little, for the kids sake. Lastly, it seems we could apply for Rentista, or Pensionado residency. Any advice on why one is better than the other? Thanks for allowing me a peek into your amazing lifestyles!
  5. Hi! I am going to order our birth certificates through vitalcheck.com and there is an option for Birth Certificate or Birth Long Certificate. I seem to remember reading something about the long version, but not sure. Is the long version required or is the standard one just fine for our Rentista Application? Thank you in advance! Terrie
  6. Hello Everyone, Apologies if this is a redondent question, but I cannot find straight answers. I heard that the Caja is going up to over $400 a month so after reasearching it a bit I found out that it will go up to $442 http://www.usexpatcostarica.com/arcr-rate-hike-for-caja-plan/ My friend went to the Caja in San Isidro, yesterday and she was told that the monthly rate for rentista is $83. She didn't ask if it's per person or whole family. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Any good sites with reliable information would greatly help us. All the best, Ildi
  7. I believe I will move forward with my Rentista Residency application. My citizenship and country of current residence is the USA. I am part of the Trusted Traveler program because I visit many different places. As a result, the USA does not stamp my Passport upon re-entry, the kiosk at the airport takes my photo, fingerprints, and Passport barcode and registers entry electronically. U.S. Customs and Border Protection Trusted Traveler Program - Info here Once I submit all the paperwork for Rentista Residency, am I still on the "90 day tourist" Visa until I get my card? If so, what proves I went back to the USA if the USA doesn't give me receipts or stamps? I anticipate travel between the USA and Costa Rica once my Rentista application is approved, therefore, I would need to prove that I was inside Costa Rica for at least 4 months and properly immigrated during USA trips. Thanks in advance for any responses, they are highly appreciated.
  8. Hello. I am a university student in the US looking to create an exit plan for my family just case things in our country take a major turn for the worse and we decide we want to leave. I am an only child, about to turn 21. My parents are 57 and 64, and my mom already draws over $1,000/mo from Social Security. They both still work full time and are working on paying off debt so that they can retire. We've been looking into different types of residencies in Costa Rica and have run into a few questions: 1) If my mom applied for the pensionado residency, what would it take for her to claim me as a dependent? I'm assuming that by "enrolled in a university" that means a Costa Rican university. Is anyone positive about this? And does anyone have information about what sort of universities in Costa Rica I might be elligible for, that would qualify me for inclusion as a dependent? If she can't claim me we're going to look into rentista for me. 2) We're aware that it is probably not advisable to apply for residency right now, since it would be impossible for us to live in Costa Rica 4 months out of the year (even if that is the residency, rather than the calendar, year). But we're wondering if there's anything we can do right now to make the residency application process easier if we do at some point pick up and move to Costa Rica at the drop of a hat. 3) Since we're not sure we should apply for residency right now, what steps do you think we should take? I'm planning on renewing our passports and looking into travel visas...Is there anything else you can think of? 4) What would it be like to live in Costa Rica on a travel visa while applying for residency? I believe the process (through ARCR anyway) takes about 1-2 years, which means we would have to exit the country 4-8 times, and re-enter in a not-very-legal sense, which I know you good folks here on the forums do not advocate. But are the rules any different if you're applying for residency? Muchísimas gracias.
  9. Curious to hear strategies for the famous rentista 'bank letter'. Who has had success getting an American bank to structure planned payments to meet the rentista requirement and the phrasing of the letter to immigration. Which American banks do this? Once the funds are structured this way and the letter notarized and apostilled, then one can proceed with setting up a CR account to receive the monthly disbursements? Is there a wire fee each month? Or a check and a delay?
  10. Hello, We've searched the forums and haven't found the answer to these particular questions. We're applying for Rentista status from the USA. They application requires a minimum deposit of $60,000 into a Costa Rican bank and a letter stating that they will disperse the money in monthly $2500 payments for 2 years. Of course, never having banked in Costa Rica, we are concerned with the stability and having access to our money. We heard a story from a friend that Banco National froze her accounts for several months. That doesn't sound very soothing to us. What is your recommendation for an approved CR bank? Are they stable? How do they treat Gringos in the process of getting their residency? Do most have ATM's throughout the country? Are the national banks backed by some equivalent to the US's FDIC? Do they have to be in Costa Rica, or can we keep banking in the US to meet the rentista requirement? Many Thanks, Sunny
  11. Hello Friends, Please forgive me. I am new and trying to wrap my mind around the forums, residency applications, etc. I would very much My husband and I are seeking Rentista residency from the USA. My husband and I have travelled to Costa Rica every winter for the past 7 years and are finally ready to make the leap and live there permanently. I am confused about the minimum deposit required into a CR approved bank. Everything I have read is $60,000 or $2500 per month. Rentista Residency is good for 2 years and then re-approval. $2500 per month reaches $60,000 in 2 years. So when I requested requirements from the ARCR, they sent a form that said the minimum deposit is $150,000. I read elsewhere that it is now $300,000?! Why the huge difference? What is the real, official minimum? If you can post any official links, it would be deeply appreciated. My husband speaks fluent Spanish and we read this one posted on another thread: http://alcance.gaceta.go.cr/pub/2012/05/17/ALCA64_17_05_2012.pdf There doesn't seem to be any reference to minimum deposit requirements that we can find. Thanks!! Sunny

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