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  1. Long story short, I came back to my house one day recently after having been outside for about 20 minutes, opened the front door ... And found one inch of water on the floor in the entire house - every room! No, not a roof leak... A plumbing disaster! You see, a 300 colones (about 50 U.S. cents) piece of Chinese made PVC plumbing pipe had cracked under pressure and put what must have been a FIRE HYDRANT force spray of water under my kitchen sink! I didn't see it, instead I immediately ran out to turn the water off, then stood there in my living room in shock for about 5 minutes... before starting to sweep water from the back of the house out to the front porch. After having moved everything outside... FOUR hours later I had the water out and then just had to mop dry it, put the fan and heater on it etc. Then have someone fix the pipe. Luckily little damage was done or at least I haven't found any yet. Am hoping mold won't be found in the coming weeks but I have little wood and mostly fibrolite walls and all ceramic floors. Anyway... so that's the back story. My question is: Has anyone ever put a drainage pipe in their bedroom or living room in case such a disaster happens? I noted that all the water ran (incorrectly) to the back of the house instead of to the front door. So i am thinking of putting a drainage pipe (with a fine screen of course, in fact two or 3 to keep out bichos), in the bedroom and maybe the living room too where the water mostly went and sat, in case this were to ever happen when i was not home. If I had been gone 3 hours I'd have come home with water up to my waist I think! Would have ruined everything I own or at least damaged most of it. So, I do recall staying in a couple hotels somewhere that had a drain pipe in the corner, probably just for easy cleaning. Seems to me like a practical and do-able idea so am wondering if anyone has done this, seen it done or knows why I should NOT do it, or on the other hand, how to do it correctly. I have now heard (no one told me before) that PVC pipes - especially the joints - burst relatively often and so this is a real disaster waiting to happen. I found out it's happened to my neighbor twice! I look forward to your comments, opinions and suggestions!

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