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Found 9 results

  1. Barbara Acosta

    Moving cats

    I'm planning to move my two cats with me in September and would love some advice. I have already checked out the APHIS information so I will know what paperwork to bring (unfortunately their site seems to be down today but hopefully will be back up soon.) The cats have never flown before and they are used to being indoor cats. Luke hates being in a car. He meows loudly and constantly - can go on for hours! I will ask the vet about sedating them, and hopefully that will work. My nightmare is he cries the whole way and they kick us off the plane! I'm also wondering about some of the bad press on flying with pets recently. A friend is going to come with me to help me move, so at least each of us can take one cat on the plane. So my questions: 1) What experiences have others had with flying their cats as baggage? Did you need to tranquilize them, and did that help? Which airlines seem to be most accommodating? 2) What was the transition like once you arrived? Do you have indoor cats? Is this doable? 3) Is it easy to find cat sitters for when I need to go out of town? 4) What kind of cat food is available in Costa Rica? What is the quality like? Any other advice to help with the kitties' transition?
  2. cathyp

    Seeking dog lovers!

    Hello everybody! I m looking to meet dog lovers both near us ( in the Sarchi area), AND all over Costa Rica who might be interested in forming a little pet care co-operative of sorts! We could all have allot of fun, allow each other to travel while keeping each other’s dear mascotas safe and happy. Pet care could be on an exchange basis only, or on a fee basis, or any combination. We have two medium sized dogs, who are older and used to lots of company. We want to travel regularly for short periods (from two nights to two weeks max) to a variety of places in CR and also Panama. Anybody interested in a house/dog/pet exchange? I would be happy to take great care of your dogs and house while you travel, or to take a dog or two into our home while you travel. We have lots of experience with a wide variety of dog breeds, as well as many other types of animals. Pet pig? Llamas? Horses? Birds? Looking forward to your help brainstorming this!
  3. Do you or someone you know, live in or near Ciudads de Turrialba, or Tres Equis, Cartato? If so, do you know a good, English speaking, small animal veterinarian there? I'd love to have his/her name, location and contact information. Thanks in advance... Bill
  4. On Friday, April 19, Natura Pet Products extended an earlier recall "to include all Natura dry dog, cat and ferret food and treats that have expiration dates on or before March 24, 2014," due to confirmed Salmonella contamination in some samples. The recall includes Innova, Evo and California Natural brands sold in most countries including Costa Rica. The recall dates apparently include all such products currently being sold. Details and a link to a form to send in requesting replacement vouchers (although they say they haven't yet shipped safe products): http://www.naturapet.com/recall I've sent them an email asking how the replacements or refunds will be handled in Costa Rica, and will update this post if I get any useful information in reply. I remember that during the huge melamine recalls several years ago, many (most? all?) CR stores continued to sell the recalled products.
  5. I'm hoping someone can clarify this topic for me. We've relocated to CR this past summer and due to heat requirments am only now able to bring my springer spaniel to live with us. I have a flight scheduled on United for 10/15/12 and have arranged for him to be sent on the same flights as myself on that day. United however told me I have to take him and his paperwork to their "Cargo" drop off area rather than the baggage area. That's not a problem, but now I understand if he's going as "cargo" I need a broker in CR to sign for him. But I'm also told that if he's sent as checked baggage on the same flights as myself, I don't need this broker. Seems like a semantics issue to me. Do I or do I not need a broker in CR? Thanks for your help. Jim
  6. Hello, We will be moving back to the US in June. I have successfully flown with my dog in cabin both ways. And I have successfully navigated getting our larger dog shipped here as cargo last year. Now I would like to know if anyone has experience shipping dogs back to the US? We will be flying on the same flight. I would like to know if we take the kennel/crate to the airport with us and check it in there or is there a separate building we take the animals too? Any pros out there done this before?? Thanks a bunch!
  7. Im moving to Costa Rica in alittle over two weeks. The family that was going to be taking care of my dog ended up having a problem and not being able to do so anymore. in the event that she needs to come along with me, I want to make sure I know the requirements. Will the vets here in the US know what is required? the only thing I have heard is that you need some "paperwork" done 10 days before the trip and a rabies vacc 30 days prior. Ill be contacting a vet and the airline today, but any additional information would be appreciated. -
  8. The ticks are really bad this year. According to our vet, its one of the worst years he has seen in awhile. A friend of ours is not only having to put anti-tick drops on their dogs, but also spraying the yard. And they are still finding ticks. Last time I was at the vet, he was having to put down a dog with 'tick fever'. Also, the ticks will get on you if your pets are inside/outside animals. So, check yourself for them. They can carry various diseases, some of which can be fatal to both pets and potentially yourself. Find and buy a flea/tick comb for your pet, and comb them daily if they are outside. The flea/tick meds work, but the ticks can still bite the animal before being killed.Ticks are very hard to kill. Its best to try to comb them out, and then drop them in a small bowl of soapy water, then flush them. Good luck.
  9. Hi All! I have relocated to Costa Rica and now i'm ready to ship my dog down. We where planning on shipping him with my mother when she visits in a couple of months, but have decided it might be nice to have the extra security in the meantime. Does anyone have experience using Continental Cargo. My quoted rate was $400 but does that include import fees and a broker? Do I have to have those fees in addition? Thanks!

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