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Found 12 results

  1. Experts - I have a neighbor who is applying for residency and he worked for the Railroad in the USA for many many years. He called the Embassy in CR to get a copy of his "SS income" and they said they cannot provide since he worked for the railroad. He has to contact the railroad in the US to get a letter. He did that, but they will not notarize the letter. Has anyone on this forum gone through the Pensionado process being a retired employee from the US railroad system? I've never heard of such, but guess anything is possible given that I believe the railroad is a pseudo-government entity. Thoughts? Any advice/guidance would be great. Thx! squigglesrus
  2. Just wanted to verify - both my husband and I are moving to CR, but only one of us applies for pensionado residency? Does it matter which one of us?
  3. We are an American family of 4, with the adults in our early 40's and kids getting close to 10 years old. We want to get out of the rat race, and spend more time with our kids, and enjoying life and nature. We've read just about everything on The Real Costa Rica website, and many of the articles here. My wife and I visited CR in the past, and we've applied for passports for our children. We intend to visit CR before they go back to school in late August. We think we want to live near the beach, and a school where the kids can earn an American diploma (allowing them into US universities) is a must. Fortunately, we are a healthy bunch, so while good medical care is a concern, it is not top priority. We want to rent, not own property initially, and are open to the possibility that we may move once or twice once we get to CR. What are things we should start working on right away? What should we be certain to do when we visit? We figured we would tour schools, and spend time in a few different cities, and play a little, for the kids sake. Lastly, it seems we could apply for Rentista, or Pensionado residency. Any advice on why one is better than the other? Thanks for allowing me a peek into your amazing lifestyles!
  4. How many people enjoy Costa Rica without affiliating with the CAJA? Is CAJA a must for spending time in CR? What other plans and options are out there?
  5. Hoping new residents that have recently affliated with CAJA and existing residents that have affliated in the past or have had recent rate increases are willing to share their actual different CAJA cost ranges, per month. This should help us learn, real time, what effects the new changes in law are having on residents cost of living in Costa Rica.
  6. Ok, not really sure if this scenario if feasable, will respect any and all points of view or advice: Have parents in the USA in their early eighties so will be traveling to the USA to visit several months a year, also to have our own medical tests performed, pre- paid medical. Own a great lot in Costa Rica near the beach in the Southern Zone, would like to build a small house or rent there and spend several months a year surfing and relaxing. Considering applying for Pensionado in Panama, renting or possible purchase, if good deal is located. Would be based in Panama and cross at Paso Canoas for beach living. Under current Costa Rica law can spend up to six months a year correct? Appears this scenario could work, really wish Costa Rica would allow property/land owners to stay without having to depart all the time.
  7. Last night I got to thinking about our comprobantes and decided to look at the .pdf copies our lawyer sent us by email. I'd thought both my spouse's and mine were the same, but I was wrong. Both have a bunch of boxes to show that the item was included in the application packet. I won't bother going into all the detail, but the primary applicant (the one with the pension meeting income requirements for pensionado/a status) has 14 check boxes, only one of which is different from the "dependente:" demonstrating that there is a pension. MY application, on the other hand, has three boxes that aren't on my spouse's form, although one of them appears to be a duplication of another box and both are checked): a marriage certificate, demonstration of dependence (sigh), and a box demonstrating incapacity (happy to say that that is one of the boxes that is not checked on my form). It was a very interesting exercise, the perfect thing to do late at night when you can't sleep. regards, Gayle
  8. Hello. I am a university student in the US looking to create an exit plan for my family just case things in our country take a major turn for the worse and we decide we want to leave. I am an only child, about to turn 21. My parents are 57 and 64, and my mom already draws over $1,000/mo from Social Security. They both still work full time and are working on paying off debt so that they can retire. We've been looking into different types of residencies in Costa Rica and have run into a few questions: 1) If my mom applied for the pensionado residency, what would it take for her to claim me as a dependent? I'm assuming that by "enrolled in a university" that means a Costa Rican university. Is anyone positive about this? And does anyone have information about what sort of universities in Costa Rica I might be elligible for, that would qualify me for inclusion as a dependent? If she can't claim me we're going to look into rentista for me. 2) We're aware that it is probably not advisable to apply for residency right now, since it would be impossible for us to live in Costa Rica 4 months out of the year (even if that is the residency, rather than the calendar, year). But we're wondering if there's anything we can do right now to make the residency application process easier if we do at some point pick up and move to Costa Rica at the drop of a hat. 3) Since we're not sure we should apply for residency right now, what steps do you think we should take? I'm planning on renewing our passports and looking into travel visas...Is there anything else you can think of? 4) What would it be like to live in Costa Rica on a travel visa while applying for residency? I believe the process (through ARCR anyway) takes about 1-2 years, which means we would have to exit the country 4-8 times, and re-enter in a not-very-legal sense, which I know you good folks here on the forums do not advocate. But are the rules any different if you're applying for residency? Muchísimas gracias.
  9. CAJA is a mandatory payment for residents to support socialized healthcare for all, PURA VIDA!
  10. I just received my Residency Approval using ARCR as a Pensionado in June, 2012. I have heard from reliable sources that the new Residency Laws passed in May 2012 mean that Pesnionados approved after May, 2012, do not have to do the dollars/colones conversion. One now just has to have a letter at renewal, say from U.S. Social Security at the Embassy in Pavas, stating that you are still receiving your at-least-$1000/month Social Security pension. The reasoning behind the new law is that if you are receiving the pension, and you are a Pensionado in Costa Rica, you are necessarily spending the $12,000/year in Costa Rica. Am having difficulty definitely confirming this and would appreciate some help.

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