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  1. I searched the Forum for 'Costa Rican driver's license renewal' and couldn't find a thread, so I'm sewing one up now. It's time to renew my driver's license... actually it was time the three months commencing before January 7, not the three months before my birthday in May as I had carelessly assumed. Oops. Somewhere I had read that this task could now be done at certain Banco de CR locations, although a quick survey of workers at the local ferreteria today pointed me back to La Uruca. I googled the question and indeed, this renewal could be done at the BCR in Escazu near WalMart. They expect your doctor to email them your qualifying health data. Online, the BCR form for an appointment I filled out was not accepted, so I called the Help Line. I advised them that my long cedula number exceeded the capacity of the little box on the form, and was told that I had called the wrong phone number for a cedula renewal. Explaining my need for una cita to renew the driver's licence, not a cedula, I learned that the BCR only does that work for citizens, "Extraneros must call COSEVI in La Uruca for an appointment". Happily, no one answers the phone there, adding to the excitement. Excusably, it's hora de almuerzo on Friday, only a leisurely cafe con leche from quitting time. I google COSEVI and call their branch in Alajuela, near Montecillos. A man anonymously answers, "Hello". I explain. And yes. I can renew there, shorter lines early in the morning. No appointment necessary. I google search for a nearby doctor to schedule the mandatory physical exam. Clinica Pena is close and they offer this service. A nurse will subsequently transmit to COSEVI the digital proof of my success fogging a mirror. Hoping to pay c10,000 for this 9am farce, it's made clear they expect a non-negotiable, c20,000 efectivo. A few minutes later, kindly Dr. Pena calls back, perhaps incredulous, sounding like a surprised Dr. Welby, letting me know that he doesn't open until 10, but lives on the next street and will open the gate early if I call him upon arriving there promptly at the scheduled 9 o'clock hour. This is my type of urban adventure! All we need are secret code words and the insistence on unmarked bills. But I'd rather chew on a dead terciepelo tail than deal with driving around La Uruca/San Jose during the perpetual rush hour. That sort of 'challenge' won during my youth no longer appeals. The same well-meaning purveyors of tubo y torneo at the hardware store tell me there is no multa for tardy payment of a license renewal. Verdad, after a couple year absence, in 2002 in San Ramone I was able to renew an expired CR driver's license by confirming my residency with an expired cedula (don't you try that). Of course, a crash-and-burn over the weekend exposing my lax attitude could prove troublesome and rapidly restore my missing humilde. To be continued.....with more italics and an update on the New Year's quest for life-saving vials of snake anti-venom. Marsrox

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