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  1. Last week I visited the new office of the TSE in Puriscal (leave town headed to CColon, 200m, mano derecho, next to 'buy-furniture-on-time) to prepare for my citizenship application in June. To prepare I had been reading of other contributors experiences, although the bulk are 'citizenship through marriage' and I am single. I appreciate the links provided of govt websites. But I missed finding TSE links that answer certain legal questions that seemed 'settled' from comments I've read. My experience: I was handed the standard form. I looked at it and 'suggested' that new changes allowed certain qualifying residents, those over 65, to skip both the history and language exams. I politely stated that documents like a birth certificate had been filed with Immigration and could be shared, that new regs allowed this. I wondered how I could receive a Florida "Good Citizen' report from the County cop shop when I had not lived there since 2005. Would a local report suffice? (My only option otherwise is to fly to Florida just to visit a Sheriff's dept, then mail the one page doc to Tallahassee with accompanying postage back here to JetBox). Not being a pensionado or 'working' in a traditional sense (I trade my acct on the NY stock exchange), but having had sourced my income previously for Rentista (twice) and Permanent status, as well as bi-annually with Scotiabank, what form of documentation would she accept? She had no idea what 'investment income, dividends or interest income' was, making her uncomfortable with that question. She had no comment on the police report. She asked the lone other person, a supervisor, about accepting birth certificate copies from Migracion and he didn't know and was unmotivated to find out. He was not amused when I suggested, "My birthday has never changed." She called somewhere re the two exams and told me to go and get an 'exoneration letter' if I didn't want to take these tests. ************************************************ Could someone kindly provide a link regarding the over-65 exam change? Could someone provide a link for the reg that allows the inter-ministry sharing of documents, the one that details a fine for non-compliance. Is my financial circumstance the type that is solved by having an accountant write up a notarized document after reviewing my finances? Lastly, no one has defined how the 'seven years' of uninterrupted residency is calculated. I became a permanent resident April 30, 2013, but was a Rentista going back the last century. Does adding the Rentista years from 2010 forward qualify me for citizenship? Gracias a todos. Marsrox

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