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Found 18 results

  1. I will be moving to Atenas in December. All we are bringing is our suitcases plus 2 dogs. My question is what is the best way to send my All in one desktop computer, router, and access point. I should all include all my cables as I am not sure where to find cat 5 cables. I would also like to bring my DVD library of movies. Any Suggestions? Thanks
  2. Hello! My name is Sam, nice to join this group. My boyfriend and I have been researching and considering moving to Costa Rica in the next year or so. My boyfriend, Jesse is a lover of entomology, especially after living in the Amazon for three months. We are beekeepers here in California, and Jesse has a business rescuing live bee hives and relocating them here. We are fascinated with the native Costa Rican Stingless Bee, and couldn't find much on any beekeeping groups, apiaries, etc. Does anyone know any beekeepers on Costa Rica / farms with apiaries? Or an idea of how we may connect with others who have this interest. It is our dream to spend time in Costa Rica learning about the native Stingless Bee and the benefits of its' honey! With hopes that one day, we can gain some land and start a Costa Rican apiary of our own. In addition, since we do have serious interest in moving to Costa Rica within the next few years, we have decided that we may like to house sit so that we can experience living in Costa Rica before deciding to move. As a homeowner in California for about 4 years, we are very responsible, humble people who would take great care and protection of another's home. Thanks! Hope to connect with others, soon!
  3. cr_bound

    shipping container

    If anybody is wanting to send a 40' container from the states to anywhere on the Pacific coast from Puntarenas south please let me know. I'd like to buy the container for you to use in the States and take it away after you've unloaded it here. I would share in some costs making the move more affordable to you. I will work with your shipper or you can work with mine, whichever you prefer -- and I will not get in the way. I am a four year resident of Costa Rica and now find myself in need of 2 containers for personal use. I also have two friends that may be interested in the same arrangement.
  4. Marcusmiller

    Shipping BACK to the US

    I have a good friend who is moving back to the US. Having sold the furniture, etc, he has a pallet of items they'd like to ship home (either Calif or Wash state, USA) Does anyone have any insight on a reliable shipper going the other way? BACK to the US? About a pallet of items. He had 2 companies giving them bids, but as the date moves closer, the companies have decided to stop returning phone calls, stop being available, stop keeping promises, etc. Its such a shame to see good people treated this way. And it happens so often! If anyone knows a RELIABLE professional company with ethics that returns phone calls and can actually shop LCL (30 + boxes) please pass it along. Thank you all.
  5. Hello Everyone, Apologies if this is a redondent question, but I cannot find straight answers. I heard that the Caja is going up to over $400 a month so after reasearching it a bit I found out that it will go up to $442 http://www.usexpatcostarica.com/arcr-rate-hike-for-caja-plan/ My friend went to the Caja in San Isidro, yesterday and she was told that the monthly rate for rentista is $83. She didn't ask if it's per person or whole family. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Any good sites with reliable information would greatly help us. All the best, Ildi
  6. We are looking to swap our home in Uvita (in the mountains) for a home in Seattle for a couple of months. It's an ideal situation for someone who is looking to move down to try out the country. Our home is up in the hills, a 2 bedroom home with sweeping views. If you are interested or know anyone please email me at ildiko242@gmail.com Thank you, Ildi
  7. Hello Everyone, We are trying to get a rental truck with lift gate to deliver a piece of machinery from SJ to the south region. Would anyone be able to recomend a company with a driver or without a driver? Thanks a bunch! Ildi Kohles
  8. Hello As a lot of you, we are also moving from the U.S to Costa Rica this year. And our aim is to start a new business in food. I am a Costa Rica native guy living with his Belgian wife in California. I came to this forum looking for advices and tips on shipping my belongings to San Jose and we found a lot of useful information, Everybody here is most helpful and nice. For all of you who in any way reply to our previous posts, Thanks so much Now that all the process is done I would like to share my experiences and tips as well, since I know I used a completely different method as the majority of people here and the fact that I am actually from Costa Rica can be useful for some of you looking for answers. At California we had a small apartment, mostly Ikea furnished along with things we gathered during our stay in California, which was 3 years We were hesitating between a 40ft container, 20 ft container, or just some boxes. Since we are just a couple, and we can get around with few furniture we decided at the end to leave all furniture behind and start from scratch in Costa Rica, being conscious that we wont find good deals as in Ikea or any thrift shop. Also we were curios if we should take our car. We found this very useful http://news.co.cr/importing-cars-costa-rica/2644/ Based on the fact that we had a Toyota Yaris in California, and that we will definitely need a bigger sturdier car in Costa Rica for our business project, we decided to leave it behind as well. With those questions solved, then we needed to know how to ship a lot of belongings but not a whole household. Of plan is to move to Costa Rica and open a new food business. So we knew that we needed to send some kitchen material that is hard to find/very pricey over there. So boxes were not an option, because it would be too expensive to ship them due to the heavy weight of books, records and semi-professional kitchen material (we sent an ice cream machine, mixers, vacuum sealers, etc) We decided a pallet would be our best bet, now we needed to find who could ship a pallet from California to Costa Rica, which was not an easy task. That’s why we came to the forum. Sending things from California is not as easy as it is from Florida, because I believe the most used port is in Limon, which is in the Atlantic coast. So we needed to move our pallet from California to Florida, and then from Florida to Costa Rica. We heard a lot about Charlie Zeller, Barry Wilson and Arden Brink. We contacted all one by one, specifying our needs and the dimensions of the pallet we were sending, that were: 54” wide x 43” long x 66” tall 98 cubic feet Weighting 1500 pounds The pallet was composed of several different boxes with different sizes, all wrapped together with very sturdy wrap paper. Now, this is our personal experience only and people might have different experiences working with them Charlie Zeller was very difficult to get a hold of him, her secretary told us several times that he will call us back but he didn’t. When we finally were able to talk with him and explain our situation, he was very nice and helpful. And from that moment our emails were replied fast. His quote was out of our budget by far, and I guess its normal, he has a very very good reputation and I’m sure his services are spot on, but for a young couple on a budget for a new project was way too expensive Then we contacted Arden, she is a wonderful person, and despite her business does not include the moving of pallets, her input and help was sincere and most useful. She offered to give us advice even although we were not using her services. Then we heard about Mike Rappaport and LOMASER http://www.lomaser.com/ He was immediately very helpful and told us he could carry our pallet without any problem, he just needed me to fill out his form online and send it to him. His quote was VERY competitive. He offered to take our pallet from Florida to Costa Rica and included taxes and customs cleareance. We just needed to send our pallet from California to Florida, for that we contacted Dan Frazer frazer_dan@yahoo.com . He did an amazing job quoting our pallet and having it pick up at our place and delivered at Florida with no problems. From there Mike took it to Costa Rica for no more than $1000. The pallet arrived in one piece on the day I was told, No hidden charges, everything was in one piece, My parents pick it up and checked everything was as expected. I couldn’t be happier with the services of Dan and Mike. I know each scenario for a big move for Costa Rica are different, but I believe we achieved to send our most beloved items, that are impossible to transfer by plane with us, and too expensive to replace in Costa Rica for less than $1400. From my point of view, If you need to send a whole household in a container you are in good hands using Arden Brink services. But if you feel you can leave behind some furniture and big appliances, and only need to bring personal stuff to Costa Rica, those things that cannot be left behind but are way to heavy to transport. I would definitely contact Mike Rappaport. Hope this info helps some of you and let me know if I can be of further assistance. Juan
  9. Buenos! I am a young professional moving to Costa Rica from Canada. I have just been offered a position in San Jose and I'm excited to get started within the next month or two. I just graduated University a couple of years ago and have been teaching yoga since then. I have been traveling my whole life, living in countries from the US to England to India, so I feel ready for this experience. I was wondering if there is a significant expat community in or around San Jose. Any particular neighbourhoods common to expats, hang outs and otherwise? I will be working with people who primarily speak Spanish (of which, I am still new to and learning) so I'd like to limit my alienation. I am enthusiastic to get immersed in the pura vida lifestyle and hope to meet other young travellers like myself. I know Costa Rica is a well known yoga and surfing hot spot so I am hoping love to spend many weekends up North in Guanacaste to explore the beaches. Any recommendations are very welcome! I would be very grateful for whatever advice you may have for a solo young traveller. I will be looking to buy a used car during my stay, for a safe place to rent, a vet for emergencies or check ups for my cat, and things to do when not at work. Please share your wisdom. Thanks
  10. Hi, I will be soon moving to Costa Rica and Im in the middle of organizing my trip and how i will ship my household. As many of you suggested Charlie Zeller was my first option, so I went ahead and contact him. We had a short convertastion over the phone and he told me to email him a list with all the items and weight. I sent him that email with a very detailed list and weight of the items 3 days after our conversation but he didnt reply I've been trying to call, but every time his assistant tells me he is whether busy or not there, and the 4 times I left my contact information with them, but no luck so far. I understand they might have a lot of work and are busy, but I cannot imagine how frustating might be to get in touch with him once my things are in the boat. I friend recommended me Mario Barquero Enterprises http://www.mariobarquero.com/home.aspx I called them and right away I was talking with one of the west coast representatives, he even gave me 3 phone numbers to call him and his assistant. Just by the phone he was very helpful Do any of you had any experience dealing with them? or has one of you had a similar situation with Mr Zeller? Thanks so much
  11. Hi all, we need some personal recommendations for movers inside CR. We are back up in California packing up our stuff, and have a great mover to work with from this side. What we need is a CR mover who deals with the stuff there AND who can offer storage there in a good quality facility (i.e. climate controlled to some extent, air circulation, and safe). Who has a good reputation there? The guy we want to work with here is a Mayflower dealer in San Rafael, Ca, who has come to us highly recommended. I think he has used a Rainier agent there, anybody know about Rainier? Moving our stuff mid July. Thanks!!
  12. Hi all, This is a copy of an earlier post-I learned I had posted to the wrong section... New to the group and very grateful for all the info. My husband and I, along with our 8 yr old daughter will be moving in September. We've visited CR several times and have decided this is where we want to be. We live in Oregon so think we will be able to handle the rainy season. We have experienced a few torrential downpours on visits but know that the rainy season is much more intense. We scouted for houses to rent on our recent trip in the Manuel Antonio area and found a couple. We are thinking that since we will be arriving in the rainy and most humid season of the year that maybe we should spend the first month or two in the mountains. We will be homeschooling our daughter during that time until we settle into a more permanent location near Manuel Antonio. Anyone have suggestions or opinions on a favorite place to spend the rainy season? Thanks! Lynn
  13. Hello Everyone, First of all I'm so grateful to this forum, thanks to everyone for the helpful postings! We are moving down our 20' container with household stuff, a CNC machine and tools but I just realized only 2 1/2 weeks before the move that there will be hefty import taxes which I did not take in consideration. We don't have that many household things, but lots of books, a few pieces of furniture and kitchen stuff. I'm very concerned of paying the high import taxes on used stuff which is very valuable to us but it's used. Those of you who moved down your household through ocean freight, would you have any suggestions? Would you do it the same way you did it or would you change and do things differently? Any suggestions, advice is greatly appreciated!! Thank you! Ildi
  14. My wife and I plan to retire to Costa Rica next Summer. We are looking for feedback from tose who have gone through this experience already. Some areas that your input would be valuable include: 1) Changing mail from getting delivered in the U.S. to receiving in Costa Rica. I hear that there are services that provide you with U.S. addresses in Miami and periodically ship stuff to CR for you, but don't know the details or pros and cons. 2) Getting and initial car in Cosat Rica. Where does one start? Do I need some sort of agent? What about Insurance, registration and inspection? 3) Without having a permanent address, how do you ship stuff to Costa Rica? Can it be stored for a while, until a permanent address is found? 4) How do you get setup for Banking? Can I use my current U.S. accounts for ATM service, without too much extra service charge? Can I get a local account with credit/debit card, with ATM use? I have heard stuff about needing a DIMEX card. What are the preferred methods of transferring funds? Thanks Bill
  15. Greetings, Our family of 5 is considering to take as much of our stuff on checked airplane baggage as possible on our move to Costa Rica from the US. I have an older desktop iMac and 4 old mountain bikes, an external hard drive. Plus clothes and supplies for 3 months until we make our next trip back and forth. Any suggestions for shipping 4 bikes and a computer (size about 18" x 20" x10"), hard drive? Checked baggage in hard case? Is it doable?
  16. Curious if you could do it over is there something you would bring or not bring when moving to Costa Rica?
  17. konotahe


    Has anyone ever used shipcostarica.com?
  18. Sorry if this has been asked before. We are planning a move next year, we are currently going through everything we own and making lists of what we need and what we can replace. My husband works from home so his office stuff is a must. We plan on bringing our clothes and other day to day needs and our laptops. I also plan on trying to pack my vitamix in my suitcase! I am stuck on what do to with things like fax/copier/printer combo and desktop computers. I also REALLY want to bring my convection toaster oven. I think in all, we could get away with 2 or 3 large boxes. Air cargo? Are the costs worth it? Also, I think we have narrowed down the location search to cuidad colon or heredia area (need to read more about specific neighborhoods of heredia) We want to live around other young families, ideally where our future children will have friends to grow up with. Thank You! Pura Vida!

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