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Found 3 results

  1. happy Easter I have been transering my money from TD Canada Trust in Canada to BCR and BN here in CR for a years using "VISA DIRECT" I always see my money in my BCR account in 1 day, and in 2 days for Banco Nacional this week, Holy Week, I did this on tuesday afternoon, I received my money to BCR on wednesday, but was a little short, so I sent some more yesterday on thursday. I never received it, as for banco nacional? I never received my money, and that was the bulk of all my money for the month. I did not expect electroninc banking to shut down on the holiday, anyone else have this experience? I am scared I am afraid that the transfer may be lost, and I have to wait a month for yet aanother bank investigation, which I just went through a week ago, because they lost my cash. thanks Dennis
  2. doppelt

    ATM loss

    for the second time here in Costa Rica, I have been taken by a bank machine. I am poor I cannot afford losses at bank machines both times that I have had an ATM steal my money were form a SCOTIA BANK machine. the first time was at a scotia bank machine in distrito quatro in Escazu. I tried to withdraw my rent money. the machine gave me an error message. YET>>>>> it still deducted the amount from my Canadian account. I went to Scotia Bank in Multipaza, and they actually laughed at my problem behind my back. I turned around and asked them if they thought it was funny? they said that I had to file an investigatioon from my Canadian Bank, since that was the card I used. So I did. I had my money back in 4 days. It was my RENT money. NOW??? it happened again in MaxiPali in Purisacal. I asked the ATM for 80,000 colones. The machime hummed and hummed, then gave an error message. yet the money was deducted from my account. the card I used was BCR, but the machine was ScotiaBank. shortly after I tried to get money from that machine, MaxiPali closed down that machine. I had to start an investigation from BCR to get my money back. Its been 3 weeks , and I have not had any word about my money. ridicu;ous I will see what happens
  3. Hola ! new to the forums. I have found a wealth of information on residency but one piece of critical info seems to always be missing. I am trying to figure out the mechanism people use to get their money from a US bank account to a Costa Rica bank account. I am not referring to the day to day stuff as an ATM seems a perfectly easy way to go. I am mostly talking about , for example, the $60,000 that is required for rentista, or if you want to buy a car or other large purchase occasionally. If anyone can help please let me know. Not sure if "PMs" work on this forum but if that is better than posting then please do. I understand why there are regulations but it seems that no one wants to talk about legitimate means of moving money larger than a few hundred dollars. Thanks and Pura Vida

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