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Found 5 results

  1. This was our first renewal of our temporary Inversionista Residency. We had a Spanish speaking friend call Migracion to set up an appointment for us and she was told we would have to appear in person at Migracion because my Cedula did not come up in their database. We went to BCR a couple of days before we went to Migracion and they confirmed that they could not find my Cedula in the system but did indeed allow us to pay for our renewal (about half of what I thought it would be). Off to Migracion where we showed our Cedulas at the information window. The first person called over another that was more familiar with Inversionistas and this lady informed us that as Inversionistas we were not entered into the database and that we must appear in person at Migracion just to set up a future appointment and this would be what we will have to do going down the road. She did give us a sheet with the correct amount to pay so back to BCR to fix that up. We have a 9:00am appointment this Friday for round 2.
  2. Friend of mine applied for rentista, has now received resolucion. When she heard how much she would have to pay for Caja (approx. 200 usd) she was pretty upset. She is thinking now of changing her application to inversionista, because there seems to be the possibility of lower caja premiums (she is one of the persons, who will really never ever use it and has private insurance). The following questions arose and i promised that i would ask the experts here: 1) Is it possible to make a change to her application? Or will she HAVE to accept the rentista status now that she is approved? Her lawyer says no, no changes are possible and she has to accept the rentista status. But my friend does not trust her lawyer... 2) What happens, if she decides to forego residency completely? That is, never ever pick up her cedula at all? Are there sanctions? Thank you!!
  3. This went far better than we ever hoped. We brought our Canadian documents with us, we had them notarized at my wife's law firm in Red Deer, Alberta, had them authenticated in Edmonton, Alberta, and then even though our lawyer in Costa Rica said we no longer had to, we couriered all documents to the Costa Rica Embassy in Ottawa to have them legalized. It took eight working days here in Costa Rica (four trips into our lawyer's office in San Jose) to get everything done. Also one trip to the Municipality of Puriscal. We now have our "Comprobante Tramite Migratorio" and our application is in the system. This last part we are not holding our breath on but the lawyer said four months is optimistic and eight months is the longest one of his applications has taken to get our cedula in hand. I cannot speak highly enough of this law firm and the partner we used. He sent his receptionist with us to get fingerprinted and with our limited Spanish that was sure an asset. We'll be bringing something nice down for Maria when we return to sign the final papers!!! This is an Inversionista residency. Cheers .... Terry
  4. I believe I will move forward with my Rentista Residency application. My citizenship and country of current residence is the USA. I am part of the Trusted Traveler program because I visit many different places. As a result, the USA does not stamp my Passport upon re-entry, the kiosk at the airport takes my photo, fingerprints, and Passport barcode and registers entry electronically. U.S. Customs and Border Protection Trusted Traveler Program - Info here Once I submit all the paperwork for Rentista Residency, am I still on the "90 day tourist" Visa until I get my card? If so, what proves I went back to the USA if the USA doesn't give me receipts or stamps? I anticipate travel between the USA and Costa Rica once my Rentista application is approved, therefore, I would need to prove that I was inside Costa Rica for at least 4 months and properly immigrated during USA trips. Thanks in advance for any responses, they are highly appreciated.

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