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Found 15 results

  1. Hello All, So I am planning a road trip from Costa Rica to Panama in July (from SJ -> Pavones -> cross border (Paso Canoas) -> Bocas del Toro -> cross border (Sixoala) -> Puerto Viejo -> SJ). I am a CR resident and own my car outright with all proper documents. From what ive researched, these are the needed steps: 1) get vehicle exit permit (Permiso de Salida) from the National Registry office in Costa Rica; 2) bring original Vehicle Title (Certificatdo de Propiedad); 3) buy liability insurance once on the Panamanian side??? Step 3 is where my questions come in: CR liability insurance isnt recognized? How much is the Liability insurance for a week? How complex is getting this insurance at the Panamanian side border? any feedback, links, advice would be greatly appreciated. Pura Vida.
  2. Hi I spent a lot of time and effort filling out and signing forms to get homeowners insurance through INS THe INS agent was given to me by ARCR NOw I have been told that INS has blocked my application, and in fact, ALL applications for homeowners insurance because of the damage from hurricane Nate does anyone else have a similar issue? or know if it may be resolved? or....is there a company other than INS that can give me homeowners insurance? thanks Dennis
  3. Hey Canadians...I am now deliberating about what is most cost-effective regards Emergency Medical Insurance. We are coming down end of September and staying AT LEAST a year, but returning for a couple weeks twice during the year. Getting Emergency Medical with Travel Insurance, makes it a huge expense if you need to get it with each trip, back and forth. (However, it does cover a flight home in an emergency, if needed.) We are thinking about just getting Private Medical Insurance in Costa Rica instead, because we have heard that the medical is top-notch (so why would we need a flight home). So, OHIP coverage when in Canada, and Private Medical, if needed, when in Costa Rica, and NO Medical Travel Insurance. Does this sound like a good plan? What have you experienced Canadians found as the best plan???
  4. I am looking for a long term health insurance that would cover my family while we wait for temp. residency and Caja. I have contacted some companies here in Canada and they will cover me for 1 year. I would need to go back (canada) before the expiration or the policy becomes void. If I do not get residency in one year I will not be covered and I will not be able to repurchase insurance from Canada. Does anyone have any advice. I know CR has low cost healthcare but I'm not sure I would risk not being covered.
  5. I read on another forum that one cannot get other insurance prior to affiliating with the CAJA, and that a cedula is required if you want to. Is this correct? If so, what is one supposed to do in between filing your residency application and affiliating with CAJA? Dana
  6. Hi, I bought a car last year, and this is my first Macharmo. I have a couple of questions, if anyone has answers. ON the online Marchamo page, it lists additional insurances, such as Life, Liability, Roadside assistans, and the last is something like Autoexpendble add'l protection. Any recommendations of if or which of the additional insurance you would suggest adding? Thanks.
  7. I couldn’t get webpages on HealthCare.gov to respond during the day yesterday (10/1) but when I woke up at 3 am, I tried and was able to get access. I talked to a representative on “Live Chat” to ask questions about how the Affordable Care Act (ACA) affects expats. Here is what I was told: US Citizens that do not reside in the USA (expats) are not required to purchase health coverage in the USA and will not be fined for being uninsured. One must reside in the USA in order to apply for health coverage through the “Health Insurance Marketplace”. This is where one can research the state healthcare exchanges and where tax credit subsidies for healthcare premiums can be obtained for healthcare policies. Thus it appears that expats are not eligible for the subsidies. I was told that the only option for expats is to apply for US health insurance through private insurance companies. US based policies will be required to cover pre-existing conditions without excess charges. (Nevertheless, my guess that is that the premiums will be quite high.) Another option is to purchase an International Healthcare policy that could include coverage in the USA - but I was told by an international insurer that they are not required to cover pre-existing conditions per the ACA. (The HealthCare.org rep could not verify that.) I was hoping that the ACA would allow me to purchase healthcare coverage that covers pre-existing conditions at a reasonable rate, but this does not appear to be the case.
  8. I understand that INS Health Insurance can be purchased through ARCR under a group policy at a discount. A few questions: 1) How much of a discount is provided relative to INS standard rates? 2) Is the same health insurance policy coverage provided or does the group policy vary from the standard policy? 3) Does the policy have to be purchased in person at the ARCR office or can it be done by phone/ internet? (I live in Guanacaste.) 4) Can I use doctor's of my choice (in Guanacaste)? Thank you in advance for any feedback.
  9. Howdy, My wife and I will be moving to Costa Rica next Wednesday. One thing I have left for the last minute is health insurance. Since she is a native, and still qualifies under her mother's health care plan, she is not in need of insurance. I am a US citizen, and when I quit my job tomorrow, I will be without health insurance. She says that I can still be treated by Caja, but I will have to pay. Is there a quick guide or "sticky" that I have missed when it comes to international health insurance? Are there options that are cheaper if I will just be in Central America? We will be living very modestly down by Dominical, and I don't plan on going to San Jose for anything besides residency paperwork, so if international health insurance only covers hospitals in San Jose, I don't believe it is worth my time. I am really only looking for major medical I guess. Anyway, any suggestions on which providers to go with? Thanks, Steven P.S. I am only 24 years old, and I am "healthy as a horse" as the nurse told me at my last check up.
  10. Hi all, I have a mid sized hotel here in Costa Rica and I work with a farmer who does works like chopping, cleaning the paths and the small lake and taking care of the trees. He works about 60 hours a week month - full time would be about 190 hours. For me he is a freelancer. He also works for other people or he's growing crops of his own. He has a health insurance from the CCSS via his daughter and is about 53 years old. I wanted to improve his siutation and got an INS insurance for him, so that he's covered for any type of accident that happens while he's working for me. One has to report the monthly hours the INS online. - Some people tell me I would have to pay CCSS for him as well. Is that true? - Would the INS report the hours worked to the CCSS? Anyone heard of such a case? - I was told that if I made a "contrato" with him for certain work tasks under the eyes of a lawyer, I would not have to pay CCSS. Can anyone confirm this? Many thanks in advance! Cheers, Martin Thanks for the heads up, T. I've clarified some things there
  11. Hi to all, Can anyone tell me if the INS policy for a private car in Costa Rica includes (SLI)liabilty coverage for a car rental in Costa Rica? Thank you for any informaiton you might provide. RON
  12. The additional insurance we are all required to purchase when renting a car in Costa Rica is outrageously expensive when purchased from the rental company. Is there an automobile policy one can purchase from a local Costa Rican insurance agent or company, for a reasonable rate, which will cover rental cars, replace the overpriced insurance we normally purchase at the rental car counter and give us the protection we need? If so… who and how do we contact them? (their email address preferred) Thanks, Bill
  13. So, the Supreme Court upheld the law. Anybody know how this will effect expats? From what I know, prior to the law passing, expats were exempt, but I do not know if there has been any change to this. Any comments? Dana
  14. I'm am seeking information on prices for the surgical treatment of BPH in Costa Rica. I am interested in hearing about personal experiences. I am particularly interested in green-light laser surgery. I am aware that Dr. Carlos Calvosa has a clinic here in CR that specializes in this type of laser surgery. A Google search will find a YouTube video by this doctor on this topic. Are there other such clinics?
  15. I have a friend traveling with us who is a diabetic and uses an insulin pump, Medtronic minimed pump, with Humulog or Novolog insulin. Does anyone have experience with this illness in Costa Rica. Do you have any advice for getting insulin? Can she get several months at once? How much is it compared to the states? Any ideas on travel insurance and what that would cover? We will be staying mainly in San Isdro De General. Can she access supplies there?

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