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Found 5 results

  1. Hi I spent a lot of time and effort filling out and signing forms to get homeowners insurance through INS THe INS agent was given to me by ARCR NOw I have been told that INS has blocked my application, and in fact, ALL applications for homeowners insurance because of the damage from hurricane Nate does anyone else have a similar issue? or know if it may be resolved? or....is there a company other than INS that can give me homeowners insurance? thanks Dennis
  2. I understand that INS Health Insurance can be purchased through ARCR under a group policy at a discount. A few questions: 1) How much of a discount is provided relative to INS standard rates? 2) Is the same health insurance policy coverage provided or does the group policy vary from the standard policy? 3) Does the policy have to be purchased in person at the ARCR office or can it be done by phone/ internet? (I live in Guanacaste.) 4) Can I use doctor's of my choice (in Guanacaste)? Thank you in advance for any feedback.
  3. Hi all, I have a mid sized hotel here in Costa Rica and I work with a farmer who does works like chopping, cleaning the paths and the small lake and taking care of the trees. He works about 60 hours a week month - full time would be about 190 hours. For me he is a freelancer. He also works for other people or he's growing crops of his own. He has a health insurance from the CCSS via his daughter and is about 53 years old. I wanted to improve his siutation and got an INS insurance for him, so that he's covered for any type of accident that happens while he's working for me. One has to report the monthly hours the INS online. - Some people tell me I would have to pay CCSS for him as well. Is that true? - Would the INS report the hours worked to the CCSS? Anyone heard of such a case? - I was told that if I made a "contrato" with him for certain work tasks under the eyes of a lawyer, I would not have to pay CCSS. Can anyone confirm this? Many thanks in advance! Cheers, Martin Thanks for the heads up, T. I've clarified some things there
  4. Hi to all, Can anyone tell me if the INS policy for a private car in Costa Rica includes (SLI)liabilty coverage for a car rental in Costa Rica? Thank you for any informaiton you might provide. RON
  5. Hello all... We're looking for recommendations for an internist in San Jose, preferably an "in-network" doctor under the INS medical insurance, but the most important thing is that he/she is good. We've really liked the care at CIMA and Clinica Biblica, so would love a doctor affiliated with either. We're bilingual, so language is not a problem, but would still prefer english-speaking due to medical terminology and med records from the States. Any recommendations?

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