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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, I am preparing to launch a new website for tourism in Costa Rica. I was talking to an accountant about how to pay myself and one other north american employee (along with several other local employees). He suggested that we could set up the Costa Rican corporation, and then go to Immigration with him to petition for work visas, for the two of us, in the name of the corporation that we are uniquely able to operate. He says that we should be able to open bank accounts this way, as well. Does anyone have experience or insight into this? I've read that working with immigration can be slow, but that's not my question. Can it be done, is what I am more interested in learning. Thank you
  2. We got our immigration file numbers (Expediente) today! Yea!!! I guess we're in the system, now we get to wait! Yippeeeee! We also have our house under contract, now we just need it to go thru!
  3. Will wonders never cease? I finally made a real difference... The Migración website status check will soon show your last several Solicitudes instead of only the most recent one for your Expediente. The official website doesn't reflect it yet but the direct (hard-code IP) shows what is coming. Friends that I'd helped apply for Permanent over a year ago were told to just keep checking their status online, which they did. However, after they had to renew their Temporary (which becomes the most recent Solicitude) their Solicitude for Permanent never showed again. Only the recent renewal. I contacted an attorney who works at Migración and was willing to check their status. I also provided her with documentation of the problem. It only took a couple months for a change to be in testing phase. Now you can see your last several Solicitudes... (early ones show in "study" mode)... Hope this is helpful, Colin
  4. I have read that it can take anywhere from 3 months to 3 years to obtain a cedula. Has anyone here recently (last 6 months) received one, or personally know someone who has? Has the process improved or slowed much recently? I'm trying to find out if all documents are completed properly, along with fingerprints and proof of income, how long should I expect it to take to get my pensionado residency? Thanks in advance - Vicki
  5. I am from the US have been living in Costa Rica off and on for about 4 years as a perpetual tourist. I am engaged to someone also from the States who has been living much of the same PT existence. Problem is that I have left the country every 90 days and am up-to-date with my visa, she has not. She was given three 10 day visas in a row by some bribe-seeking immigration border folks, and after that she gave up on trying to do it legit. So she has overstayed for about 6 months. We are flying out of Costa Rica next week to go back stateside and meet each other's parents, and I was just hit with this news of her expired visa a few hours ago. I wonder what other surprises are in store? We are flying out of San Jose and I know that there are some fines ($3/day) for going over your visa, but what sort of problems can she expect for a 6 month overstay? Are we going to have to delay the wedding to bail her out of tourist prison? TIA for the advice and Happy New Year.
  6. HI I am new here. I have been to Costa Rica 40 times in the last 18 years. I want to move htere in 3 years, and I have some questions. I find that the Costa Rican Embassy in Canada is not supportive, if you get a reply, you dare not email them for clarification for fear that they will say "I already sent you a link for that!" anyway there are some questions if anyone can help? : 1. I used to have a bank account there at Scotia Bank. A couple of years ago, after they changed the laws, non-residents like me had to cancel bank accounts. (too many druggies laundering money I guess). Now when I move there and apply for pensionado status, I know I need a bank account there because my pension will go there. but........to have a costa rican bank account, I need to show that I am a temporary resident? Is that a catch 22? which comes first? Can I apply for an account on the 'promise' that I am applying for residency? (I wanna do as much as I can now, well before I actually move there) 2. JUst before I come there to stay, I am told I can apply in Costa Rica for residency under pensionado staus. Its 200.00 plus another 40.00 or so for whatever. Do I tell the immigation people at the 'airport' that when I arrive in San Jose ? or do I just enter as a tourist, then go to their main pffices to apply? 3. Over the next few years, I am bringing in small personal items in suitcases and putting them in a storage locker. I am told I can bring in 500.00 worth of stuff that is not 'lega; luggage' every 6 months. When I arrive at the airport, do I declare this right away? or do I try to bring it in without saying anything then tell them to use my 500.00 exemption only if they open my luggage? 4. Eventually, I need to bring in my desktop computer, I will bring it in in my carry on. I can bring that in as luggage no? cause I can say I need it for vacation? (legal luggage rules dictate that it needs to be a portable computer, which this is not, so maybe I can declare it undrer my exemption) 5. Where can I apply for an 'apartado' post office box? can i do that now even before i am a resident? (it takes up to a year to get one I hear) well, that's all for now.. except one thing I am a webmaster, and I need fast internet. I know that they offer only about 1 or 2 megabytes/sec on cable broadband. and at the same price that I pay here for 50 mbps (50.00 or so) do you think that may change in the next 2 or 3 years? thanks Dennis

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