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Found 6 results

  1. here is a tall order anyone know of a place to get cabbage rolls in Costa Rica? its not like there is a big Ukrainian Community here, LOL thanks (its too much work for me to make them, but I guess I can try) I have to start cooking my own food from scratch here I was at A/M and a can of Cambells chunky soup was 7.00 US which is almost 10 CAN 4 times normal price maybe I should shop at Pali
  2. Hi everyone, Colin suggested that I start a new thread rather than hijacking his review of La Casa de Miguel. So: There is a new addition to San Ramon, where the dining scene mostly runs to comida tipica (though there is a decent Japanese sushi place and my favorite Mexican soda, Los Nopales): Marra's, which is on the block east of PeriMercado and in the next block to the south (east side of the street). We've only eaten there once, but I ordered a steak, which was cooked rare and in a tamarind sauce, and it was pretty amazing. We were in a group and I wound up offering bites to nearly everyone. The vegetarian ("We don't eat anything with 4 legs.") insisted that she had to have a bite "so they could recommend it to guests if she liked it," and, yes, she liked it, too. regards, Gayle ps: Any other suggestions about restaurants in the San Ramon-Palmares-etc area, please add to the thread!
  3. Where can I buy real Ham in Costa Rica? Not the synthetic sliced sqaures of ham in packets, but the real smoked, on the bone Ham. Anywhere is San Jose would be fine. John drjohncocker@gmail.com
  4. My wife and myself will be in the San Jose area on Thanksgiving Day. Does anyone know if any ex-pat hangouts might be having a turkey & cranberry special for the day? Please advise.. Thanks. Bill
  5. Finally got to experience LIR airport after a few times we had to use SJO. We had lunch there. Split a Mango smoothie, the missus had chicken fingers with fruit while I had the fish tacos. Bill was $50.35!!! The food was good however it wasn't, nor ever could be, good enough to charge downtown major US city hotel restaurant prices. The restaurant on the way to Liberia on 21 after the airport entrance yet before Hertz wasn't open until 11am and we arrived around 10am. Knowing what we know now we certainly would have found a way to wait out the hour. We also agreed if we come that early it would be just as good to drive the additional 15km or so to the Burger King at the intersection of 21 and 1. We heard many passengers in the waiting area complaining about $22 personal pizzas and $18 sandwiches. Now the old terminal at LIR the food was no bargain yet it was priced more near what one would expect at an airport and never did one feel they were beyond outrageous in their prices. Other observations: - the bathrooms had very spacious entry ways, much more than was needed. Could have put more facilities in except... - the bathrooms had one soap dispenser for about every 2-3 sinks and only two electric hand dryers in the whole place. It wasn't crowded the times we used the facilities yet there were lines for both soap and hand drying. Applies to both men's and women's sides. - there appears to have been no more, and possibly fewer, seats installed at the new terminal versus the old one. - one could pick up free WiFi at the old terminal in many seating positions yet none was available at the new LIR. Costs were $3.95 for one hour and $5.95 for three hours. So along with no more tellers for the exit tax (which has gone up) and the above shortcomings one has to wonder just exactly one is getting for the money spent.
  6. I've got a question for all foodies, I've heared that Cacao is grown in Costa Rica, is this true? If so, is it readily available? What is its costs? In what form is it sold? Also what are some other superfoods is Costa Rica known for? Are goji berries local? Any information would be great! Pura Vida

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