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Found 2 results

  1. Hi I am looking for a name, contact or a list of good English speaking Family doctors in San Jose, so I can hook up with one. anyone have that? 2. second, forget the national CR health plan, I know they have an extended health plan in Costa Rica that you can buy, that covers drugs, dental, etc. I have hypertension and take meds for that. Would they deny me insurance if they know I already use meds for life for hypertension? thanks Dennis
  2. Hello, I am in a class called “Topics in Teaching English as a Second Language,” and for a class project we are supposed to prepare presentations on the English teaching situation in different countries. If there is anyone out there who has taught English in Costa Rica and could answer some of my questions I would really appreciate it. The more details the better, and if you could also include where and when you taught that would be great! Is there a job market for teaching English in Costa Rica? How intense is job competition? How are English teachers/Americans/women perceived in Costa Rican culture? How do classroom conduct and behavior expectations differ in Costa Rica than in the US? What technology is typically available for classroom use, such as computers, overhead projectors, ect. It seems many people teach illegally on a tourist visa, is this a good or bad idea to try and why? Did you run into any unexpected problems as a teacher? Did you enjoy your experience? Thank you!

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