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Found 9 results

  1. Hi I mailed 3 parcels from Canada to myself in Costa Rica I have an apardado here, or post office box I sent them from Canada using the slowest ground , without tracking I have not received them, and its been almost 9 weeks last July I received a parcel I sent after 7 weeks so this one is 2 weeks overdue someone said to me that maybe its sitting in customs, but if that was the case, I should have got a notification slip in my mailbox here. Am I being too impatient? or have others lost parcels coming here? or should I check out the customs office, and I do not know where that is, I am in La Uruca thanks
  2. Hi, nice people! Its been a long time since I posted something on the forum. I need to catch up. Since we moved to Costa Rica 2 years ago we opened a nice cafe called Picnic in Santa Ana and we love it here. So much that we are finally buying a house. Our move from CR was smooth and pleasant a lot thats to this forum. We want to go to Miami and buy some furniture, new and used, appliances, etc. I know some local options are nice, but we scanned the market and we still believe its better ratio quality/price in the U.S. I will travel to Florida and buy the things in person. Arrange all in a pallet and different boxes and ship it to CR. Can you recommend a freight forwarder or carries that can move LCL or consolidations between Miami and CR? Thanks so much in advance. Juan
  3. Hi there, I have an interesting question, and I don't know where to ask the question. I was wondering if anybody here might have any advice. I live in Costa Rica (resident by marriage, working towards citizenship), but I currently work for a US-based company. I currently get paid from Costa Rica banks, but I've just learned that I have the option of splitting my paycheck between here and the US. That is, since I'm a US citizen, with a US bank account and an active US address... I have the option of being partially paid in the US, and partially paid here. This SEEMS like a great idea, because I like to be able to buy things in the US, using my US credit cards, but to pay off those cards, I need money in a US checking account. Moving money South, from the US to Costa Rica, is extremely easy (and costs me nothing). It's much more complicated to move money North, though. Basically, I have to hand-carry it if I want to move more than a few hundred bucks. I often like to have money up there, because my work will let me sometimes buy plane tickets on my own credit cards, and that gets me frequent flier miles much faster than I would otherwise be able to. Another plus: This would let me join the company's 401K, which includes some company matching. There are some reasons why I might NOT want to though, and I'm having some trouble figuring out how to know all the variables. 1) The US does not pay aguinaldo. Here, I'd get a full 13th monthly salary. If I start splitting my paycheck to the US, however, my prediction is that my aguinaldo would go down proportionately. 2) US tax/SS withholdings. I can claim 9 dependents, and minimize the withholdings, and I know I'm going to be under the poverty line, as far as the IRS is concerned (all my other income is foreign-earned, and does not reach the threshold of affecting my AGI). However, I know there are going to be SOME withholdings that I probably wouldn't get back. Assuming I was only splitting off... say... $500/month ($6k/yr), any prediction of what those withholdings might look like? In other words, how much money would I be throwing away to this? That's pretty much it. Any thoughts? Anybody know of any experts who might be able to game that out with real numbers? Thanks! -Alex-
  4. Hello Everyone! So my girlfriend and I are planning on moving down to the Manuel Antonio area next fall. Knowing that we can not be employed without residency, we are planning to open a small business. That being said, I am still trying to understand the intricacies of labor laws. We are building this business from the ground up and therefore there is a lot of work to do. I am having trouble figuring out how we can get this business going without actually being involved in the "day to day" operations of the business. We look forward to employing as many ticos as we can, but we cannot employ anyone until we get the business going. Any ideas on this?
  5. Would anybody like to offer thoughts and experiences about a comparison of Costa Rica with its neighbors, Nicaragua and Panama? Especially in regards to ... Immigration - rights, time frame, cost and process in general Health care - cost and quality Crime and Safety Weather Value of Money / Buying Power Infrastructure and technology Overall lifestyle I'm sure at least some of you must have formed opinions about it. I'd love to hear (read) them.
  6. Hi, I will be soon moving to Costa Rica and Im in the middle of organizing my trip and how i will ship my household. As many of you suggested Charlie Zeller was my first option, so I went ahead and contact him. We had a short convertastion over the phone and he told me to email him a list with all the items and weight. I sent him that email with a very detailed list and weight of the items 3 days after our conversation but he didnt reply I've been trying to call, but every time his assistant tells me he is whether busy or not there, and the 4 times I left my contact information with them, but no luck so far. I understand they might have a lot of work and are busy, but I cannot imagine how frustating might be to get in touch with him once my things are in the boat. I friend recommended me Mario Barquero Enterprises http://www.mariobarquero.com/home.aspx I called them and right away I was talking with one of the west coast representatives, he even gave me 3 phone numbers to call him and his assistant. Just by the phone he was very helpful Do any of you had any experience dealing with them? or has one of you had a similar situation with Mr Zeller? Thanks so much
  7. So we have arrived in Costa Rica to await the arrival of our baby. We are living along the pacific coast and don't have much in our area as regards baby supplies/furniture. I am looking for reccomendations on where to buy baby furniture? We brought pretty much everything we could with us as regards small stuff, now we need to purchase the big stuff, ie. crib, changing table, rocking chair, etc.... Plus we also have to furnish our home, so any recommendations for that would be great too! Thank you!

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