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Found 2 results

  1. Dear Forums Members, This was received several days ago from ARCR [see below]. Whether you are or are not a current Paid Members of ARCR, this information may be of use to you. If you are a Current Paid ARCR Member ARCR can assist you with these matters. NOTE: Because of the very large number of emails that ARCR regularly receives Current ARCR Members who wish to contact ARCR by email are strongly urged to put their ARCR Member Number in the subject line in order to receive precedence of a reply. – Forums Moderator == == Dear ARCR Members, Regarding the Corporate tax and its implications, we would like to give you some new information about this topic: 1. Corporations that have been disolved can be resucitated: Up to January 18 2018 by law 9428, disolved corporations can be brought back to life with a special procedure. If this is the case for you, contact us for further details and costs. 2. Some disolved corporations with assets in them will have the chance by means of the same law, to move all its asssets out and then close the corporation. You need to be up to date with your corporate taxes and the transfer of your assets will be transfer tax and stamps free. 3. Remember our new service to keep track of all the new corporate procedures for inactive corporations, send an email to info@arcr.net for more info. Regards, "ARCR" == ==
  2. Gentle Forums Readers There was this Tico Times article Public Security minister says he'll resign if not given more funds for policingtoday (Oct 4th) which reported that CR's Minister of Public Security, Gustavo Mata, is threatening to resign in 30 days if lawmakers do not reinstate the suspended Corporate Tax so as to provide sufficient funding for hiring more Police officers since the Miister explains that there is a serious shortage of them which often leaves areas of the country under-protected. My main question then after reading this article is... Does taxing all the Corporations in CR imply that said taxation would include Sociedades Anónimas, too? I am guessing 'que sí', but nonetheless wonder whether the SAs might possibly be in some type of sub-category which could exempt them from the Corporate tax that the Minister is asking be reinstated. And what about those SAs which are listed as not profit generating, such as any which, for example, only hold one's house or automobile? Inquiring minds, and all that rot . . . Regards, Paul M. ==

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